2011 Christmas card guide

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Our range of Christmas cards is rather special – all the cards have been especially and exclusively designed just for us.  Now that often involves great cost but for us we are blessed with wonderful designers giving of their time and skills.  Earlier this year they each designed a card or two for us.

Kate Holliday designed this card entitled The Gifts

Kate is a young professional designer who, until recently, lived in Edinburgh and has helped us fundraise.  She designed one of our christmas cards last year too – and it turned into our bestseller.

I love the little cat playing with the shooting stars in the girl’s lap and the tiny wren perched atop a gift.

Laura Park is another young professional designer who has donated several designs for us including this gorgeous Robin card.  Like Kate, Laura recently moved away from Edinburgh but continues to support It’s Good 2 Give by donating her designs.  (and her dad is considering climbing Kili with us in 2013! let’s give him lots of encouragement)

The Doodle house card is such fun – designed by doodologist Claire Pitt – Claire originally designed the doodle house we have on this website – and offered to make it all christmassy for a card.  It looks fantastic.

and finally the winner of our Pound Pics challenge last year was a young man called Corey Hastings – Corey’s Pound Pic was so good – and when we gave him his prize he very kindly offered to do further art work for us – so, it will come as no surprise that I jumped at the chance to have him design one of our christmas cards!  Corey submitted two designs to us and we loved them both – so we printed them both!

and here they are……



We are also very grateful to Farquhar and Son, printers in Perth for their help with layout and printing.  Complete novices at this we certainly needed their help.  Let’s not forget our photographer, Istvan Magyar, who took all the photos of the cards shown here.

I suppose there must be a machine that packs cards into cellophane packs but for us – well suffice to say we learnt quickly how to fold the cards, count them, count envelopes and put them into the packs, labels onto the back and pack them into boxes!   We were lean mean packing machines for a few days in August.

Each pack of ten cards costs £3.50 per pack and is superb value for such lovingly designed cards.    We are biased but we think all our card designers are the bees knees and hope you will support them and us by ordering our cards.

If you’d like to place an order drop me an email on lynne@itsgood2give.co.uk or use the contact us page.


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