2017 January

Bye bye January

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I’m really tired tonight so I leave you with some photos of the day.

Met Shonagh and Alice this morning to work on their projects in the coming months. We stopped around 1pm.

ian and I then worked on funding, emails, pier projects, spifox garden plans, flooring and finance. ‘Tonight we joined `Kae’s 10 mile Tuesday walks. Though we did four miles as I work towards being well enough to do ten miles. I’ve come a long way in just a month. At the start of the month it was miraculous if I did 5000 steps in a day. Today it was easy to do 11000 steps.

‘So I may be weary but I’m very pleased on all counts. Bring on February!

last Monday in January already!

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Monday mornings are precious – I get to spend them with my parents. We do shopping and coffee. So after I drop them off at home my itsgood2give week starts. Today was lovely. I met up with Katie C at the virgin lounge Edinburgh. This also allowed me to meet up with the team at the lounge. They are all fabulous. So supportive and they’ve also offered to help us up at the Retreat in the spring.

My last meeting was at One ~spa where I met the founder of Spiezia organics Ltd and her colleague Laura. We sure could talk! I’m looking forward to meeting Amanda again in the near future and taking her to see Ripple Retreat.

First photo shows me with Aneta who, in addition to working at the Edinburgh lounge, volunteers in our snack team.  second photo I am with Katie C and last with Amanda and Laura

First Young Ambassadors workshop of the year

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Our first Young Ambassador workshop of the year was an introduction to first aid.  We all learned something. I had no idea there are several defibrillators along Princes Street, for example. I also learned how to put on a sling. All our YA’s learnt to do slings, bandages and how to call for help.  Pam was fantastic and I’m very grateful for her support.

‘I’m looking forward to working with our YA’s this year. Their enthusiasm is wonderful.  I love seeing young people volunteering and thinking of others.

Rest of my day was doing a few admin tasks and a fabulous long walk. (My feet are aching)

looking forward to a productive, busy week. Another week closer to getting our Retreat.

Saturday networking

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Occasionally  this fundraiser’s life is super tough. I mean, really.

Tonight wasn’t one of those occasions! I was invited to the Sheraton with Ian to a burns night with a twist. It was fabulous. Met some lovely folk and the food was spectacular. Chef Craig pulled out all the stops and we had a wonderful dinner. I even got to help cook one dish. Well, ok, I got to heat up the turnip and drizzle on the whisky sauce but I also got to use an air pump to pipe potatoes on the top!  I even got a chefs hat as my reward.  (it was fun)

the team at the Sheraton have pledged a day to come help us at the Retreat in April which is kind and generous and I know they’re going to love it

the rest of our Saturday was uneventful  ~ I got through a fair bit of admin and prepped for tomorrow’s Young Ambassadors workshop

I need my beauty sleep now though so I bid you goodnight


It’s Good 2 Give Ripple Retreat Site Visit 27 January 2017

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Today was so special.  It was frosty and seriously cold but the sky was the bluest blue and it was just so pretty.

Fellow trustee, Susan joined me on today’s visit to our Ripple Retreat and it was lovely as I drove up to share ideas and plans for the months ahead.  We stopped at the Blair Drummond Smiddy for breakfast – it really is a perfect stop off point about 2/3 way from my home to the Retreat. I got excited about showing Susan the Retreat – she hadn’t been for over a year and, of course, much has changed since then!

We had work to do too though and went along to the tennis courts to take photos of the little burn that needs a bridge built over it.  Once we had done that, we drove along to the Retreat and I was able to show Susan inside.  She was stunned at the size of the Retreat and the land around it. Like me, she was amazed at the work involved in the roof and ceiling and we chatted to the guys working on the family room ceiling.   There isn’t much space for them to work in and it really is a challenge.   It was good to see progress – the plywood floor layer is almost complete, the bathroom fittings have been delivered and will be installed next week, the iroco panels have been started and should be finished by next week, the utility room panelling is finished and stunning!

On our way home I stopped at the McQueen gin distillery in Callander – met Dale who owns it and he showed us round the distillery – it was fascinating to see the process and hear about their ideas and they have offered tremendous support to it’s good 2 give.  Watch this space for some of those ideas!

Back home, Ian had been working on Ripple Retreat ‘stuff’ and the phone had gone non stop – we are both now working on the actions from those calls and from my visit today.  Meanwhile, Susan had gone over to see our friends Colin and Steven at Callprint to collect printing they had been working on all week.

This weekend is a busy one – tomorrow morning though is about me and Ian going for breakfast to our fav Edinburgh restaurant and see the refurbishment they have just completed – Contini in George Street here we come!   The afternoon and evening is all about work.  I need to do final prep for our first Young Ambassadors’ workshop of the year which is on Sunday.

I wish you all a happy and fun filled weekend.


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As I took time off this morning – to enjoy a birthday treat from a friend, and I am trying to walk each day for an hour,  I thought it best to turn off the TV tonight and do some work on two business plans I am writing.  I also had the latest fundraising magazine to read.  Actually, I am really lucky as Ian really enjoys newspapers and trade magazines so he usually reads them and highlights articles I should read!  (spoilt or what?)

It has been a day of getting little jobs done – calls made, bills paid, people chased, event admin done, lists started.  I know lots of people who hate lists but I am one who just loves a good, detailed, categorised list!

Working from home means I can be flexible about when I work and how – taking the morning off was unusual for me and all the lovelier for that.  I do though want to get fitter this year so taking time out for a walk as many days as I can is essential.  If that means, I work in an evening that is fine!

Forgive me for scooting off now – I aim to have an early night as am going up to the Retreat tomorrow with fellow Trustee Susan and want to write up a bit more of a Trek Fundraising plan.



Two days, two blog posts – first!

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Sorry to miss yesterday’s post – my dad ended up in hospital in the middle of the night monday night so yesterday didn’t quite go to plan!

However, I met up with two lovely ladies and great supporters of ours – Lesley who has Silver Experience jewellery and Darlene, from Charlie Miller – they are great sounding boards for me for some of my ideas.  In addition to that, I managed to do a fair bit of admin – I have recently found Survey Monkey and it is great for getting information from different groups.

Today has been a mix of going through archive folders for information, filling in application forms, designing templates, checking on my parents, working on our art project and wondering how on earth I can keep up!  Yes, I did have an hour or so of fretting about keeping up but fortunately a walk and chat with Ian sorted out some perspective and calm.

We have received more mobile phones to send off to raise funds, more lovely gifts for Ripple Retreat and more bottles for our Bottle Tombola.    I haven’t share all teh information yet on our amazing art project but thanks to a man called Davey McLean we will have a photographic exhibition with just a few photos but very special photos.   One is of David Bowie, one of Peter Capaldi and by the renowned photographer Rankin and one of Jamie and Andy Murray – watch this space for details coming soon.  The Rankin photo arrived today and I arranged for that to join the others in secure storage.

As ever, one of my favourite tasks each day is to keep our social media channels up to date!   I aim to post every day on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Edinburgh in the freezing fog

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Our wonderful friends at Edinburgh Spotlight took some amazing photos of Edinburgh in the freezing fog on 21st January and posted their photos – they  had huge interest and our ES friends  said if anyone bought a digital photo for £10 (or more) the money would come to us.

Thank you so much Alison and team at ES.   Your support over the years is very much appreciated.


(Please note :Sales are finished for the time being)


It’s Good 2 Give Workshops

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I wasn’t the only member of Team Ig2g working yesterday – Trustee Susie B was working on her Ben Nevis climb and the fundraising for it.   Parent Ambassador and our Workshop Champion Shonagh B was busy at our first workshop of the year.  I asked her if she might write a wee bit about it and so let me hand over to Shonagh!

Hi everyone! I am Shonagh, a Parent Ambassador for It’s Good 2 Give!
I help organise the fun and interactive workshops for patients and their siblings every couple of months. So far we have had Stampin’ Up! Christmas Decorations workshop, ran by a wonderful lady called Ruth, and most recently, the kids were learning to rock climb at Alien Rock in Leith.

12 kids aged from 5 up to 9, with all different abilities, donned on their climbing shoes, harnesses and safety helmets and scrambled their way up the wall.
Some made it right to the roof (I couldn’t look, she was so tiny but so confident!) and other reached heights they could only have imagined. Very proud of them all.

The kids who attend are either on or off treatment, have siblings who are, or have lost their brother or sister to childhood cancer. The workshops bring these kids together, to see friends they made on the ward again, and a chance for the parents to catch up with old, and meet new friends.

The workshops always provide some sort of skill, craft or learning. The charity’s kind and generous supporters allow It’s Good 2 Give to run these workshops, and in the future I have lined up with the local Dobbies their own Little Seedlings workshop, and hopefully organising a ceramics day, a tour of a museum and a dodgeball experience!!

Perfect Sunday for a spot of office work

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It has been a very grey January Sunday  so after our lovely 50min early morning swim I decided to settle down in the office and get on with projects.   I feel very very pleased that I was able to sort a computer app issue.  We have a lovely guy who helps us but is also super busy – he wasn’t able to come for a few days and I was really fed up with the problem (Outlook wouldn’t load at all) so I sat down and researched the issue on Google.  There were several solutions and at first I wasn’t sure which one to try – I ended up trying the one that sounded most plausible.  It took hours to do but after three hours I got my Outlook to load and all my emails came back – I was so pleased!  Then, of course, I had to sort the emails – there were 250 to go through and I have managed to reply or file 175 of them today!

I had a nice break from all of that when Trustee Susie B visited – she is busy with a new job but also has recruited 21 trekkers to do a climb up Ben Nevis in May.  We talked about her plans and her fundraising ideas and she tried out the Egg chair we have for the family room at Ripple Retreat.  Her verdict?  Very comfy and great for reading a book.  Which is exactly the plan for it!

So, it has been a day of paperwork – well, virtual paperwork!  Surveys, To Do Lists, emails, fundraising plans, e-vites (starting the plans for the Official Opening event), a newsletter to our corporate supporters, starting the plans for a Family Day at the Retreat.

And here I am writing this blog.  About to stop though and sit for a couple of hours reading my book.  (Maggie O’Farrell – This must be the Place – in case you are interested!)

I promised myself I would try to read and relax more this year even though we are super busy – so we have given up some TV watching and taken up book reading (well OH has continued with newspaper reading).   And I am enjoying it!

Thanks for reading – it’s so nice to hear from some of you and to know that someone is reading my blog!!