2017 February 02

January Supporter of the Month

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I’m not going to tell you much about my day – suffice to say it was usual juggling way too many balls – didn’t drop any today so that was good.

What I do want to tell you about is this  – I decided at the beginning of this year that we should have a wee award for Supporter of the Month – it has turned out to be a real challenge as our supporters are truly amazing.  However, Shonagh and I talked about it at length and we both agreed that for January we felt that Eric McKinley should get the certificate.  Eric is a fabulous young supporter and he had one of our collecting boxes – as he sold toys and games he no longer used, he popped the money into the box.  As he handed it over, he didn’t even know how much he had raised and he and his mum Siri were surprised to find it was £150.   Pretty good for someone so young.  And very generous to make us the beneficiary of his sales.

On behalf of It’s Good 2 Give I am very proud to have Eric’s support and hope he continues to do such good work in the future for us or any other charity.  Well done, Eric!