2017 February 08

Techy stuff back on track – phew!

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Bit of a stressful couple days tech wise.  I won’t bore you with the details but I wasn’t a happy lady.  Hoping it is all fixed now.

So been an amazing couple days – Yesterday was  a whizzy kind of day – I had a meeting out at the Hilton Hotel at Edinburgh Airport – Shonagh and I were working on upcoming events and our Young Ambassadors Programme – we got through a huge to do list which was most satisfying.  I had a second meeting at a cafe in Frederick Street – I managed ten minutes in our house to have a bowl of soup then was straight out, met Emma (who, wonderfully, is going to run for us in June and is planning an event to fundraise), popped up to see Colin and Steven at Callprint who had printed our family newsletters for us. I bought them a couple of Ripple Retreat mugs and gave them to the lads as a tiny thank you for their tremendous support.

Straight home, had time to make some smoked salmon pate (as a gift and for our lunches this week), have a cup of tea, and 20minutes later I was out the door again – this time to join the Ten Mile Tuesday gang – I had a one hour window to walk and was determined to make the most of it and managed 3 miles.  Happy with that I went along to a friend’s house and had a lovely evening with a group of amazing women.  We put the world to rights, and I learnt a bit more about new tricks for my new watch, enjoyed a curry and definitely decided to do that again!

Today I took some time out to walk – getting fit again this year is a priority after 3 years of not so good health – I walked to our bank and did some banking before a meeting with one of our Trustees, walked home and spent the rest of the day on the computer (right up to now, 9pm) getting a lot of work done – I have a few packages ready to post and am ready for a visit to our Ripple Retreat tomorrow.

So, that’s you up to date.  I have lots more to tell you but will save it for tomorrow.

Monday – catching up!

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Hope you didn’t miss me too much 😉

Missed a couple of days because website was being naughty as they sometimes can be and because once the day was done, so was I!

Someone asked me if I ever sit down and I do, often.  But I love being busy.  Monday’s privilege is being able to take my elderly parents shopping and for a coffee. They are funny to be with and fantastic for their ages and I know how lucky I am to still have them around.

I usually get home early afternoon but today we decided to go to Costco to check on a few items we need for our It’s Good 2 Give Ripple Retreat.  That was fine.  We saw them, we priced them, we noted them.  Then we spent a fortune on stuff for us – garlic and books and goodness knows what else.  That place is terrible to go to – always something you see that you must have. (she says, laughing).

Oh and it was my turn to cook dinner.  Sigh.  I used to love cooking but after I got sick and Ian took it on, I find I way prefer him being chef.  However he is just as busy as me and so it only seems fair to share the task.  (In fact, yesterday I wrote a two week plan for our meals and did the shopping for them too.  We have such a busy period ahead I felt it better to plan the meals than do the whole “what are we going to have for dinner” routine. You know it, don’t you? )  All of that means I have been on the computer for past three hours doing emails, writing request letters (saw ladders and fire extinguishers we need so I have written off asking if the companies might donate), and working on a fundraising plan.  That blooming plan should have taken me an hour to write but I keep tweaking it and changing it and have spent far too long on it now.

I am very pleased to have sorted out a great team of volunteers for the first event of the year that we are benefitting from – now just need to organise the prizes for said event.  If anyone ever suggests to you that fundraising is easy, send them my way and I shall tell them otherwise!  It is rewarding, wonderful, inspiring but also hard hard grafting.

Anyway, photos – here are some from the past few days – Ian getting the chair into the house that had just been delivered (for our Ripple Retreat), a book I bought to read as we have a Young Ambassadors workshop coming up on Mindfulness