2017 February 09

Best laid plans…..

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Well, we were supposed to be up at the site today.  Got up early, breakfasted, did some letters for posting, got parcels ready to post – some Young Ambassador stuff to post out, some info leaflets to one of our London Marathon runners Heather in Dumfries.

Was running a few mins late and got an email from one of the parties we were meeting up there to say they were sick and wouldn’t be able to come.  As we hadn’t left, (and because we are back there on Tuesday) we decided to postpone our other meeting in Callander to Tuesday too.  It has given me some time to send some request letters and emails – I still need some major prizes for events in March and am also trying to get an electric bed for the Retreat.  I also sent out a few requests to biscuit makers/coffee and tea suppliers to see if any might help by providing biscuits/tea/coffee for our official opening and the open days at our Ripple Retreat.   No joy so far.   Of course the charity can buy them but I like to try to seek support first!   I may do some more gumtree sales and use that money to pay for them.  I still have a few things in the attic to sell! (friends usually at this point say, How? What can you possibly have left to sell that you haven’t already? But I always seem to find something).

I have managed to re read Young Ambassadors log books from 2016 and add notes and return to them.  My desk looks a wee bit better than usual (not a lot but a little is an improvement), and Ian and I spent an hour or so looking over the planting plan for our Spifox garden.  (which is going to look so lovely by the way and many thanks to Spifox for supporting us). One of the team is off to a Data Protection event today and will report back later – it’s good to keep up to date.

Maria the publisher of Scottish Woman Magazine has taken us on as charity to support this year and we will have a wee piece on the Retreat and our upcoming treks in the next issue which is most exciting!

Hoodies for all…

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We love our itsgood2give hoodie.

Super comfy, super quality, washes well and those who have bought them say they are fabulous.

We would like to sell a few in February and March and so have reduced the price by £5 to £20 each

available in small, medium and large – contact us to buy one.