2017 February 10


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It’s been a long busy week and today we had some personal time too.  My OH makes spectacular fish and chips and my parents love this dish when made by him.  So today we invited them over with OH’s big sister and made them fish and chips for lunch.  It was a lovely interlude for us and took us out of thinking about all things fundraising, building, official openings.

At least till mid afternoon when they left!  Since then it has been good to work on official openings and other day to day charity tasks. I tend to tell you about the bigger stuff but we are a tiny charity really and the smaller stuff has to be done too – the filing, the office cleaning, the maintenance of computers and printers, checking on stationery stock, going to the bank, post office, printer, working out how much coffee, tea and biscuits to buy for the opening and open days.  It’s a joint role for us – I do most of the charity’s admin and Ian does most of the Retreat construction admin but we dip in and out of each others tasks.  When I write a report he reads it over, when he does complex emails I read them over, we both share any amendments to plans or finances.  All the tasks are important no matter how small they seem.

We have several supporters willing to run for us this year – in all sorts of events.  Today we posted a running vest to one supporter and ordered running tops for two others.

One of those is Callum Craw – I first met Callum many years ago through his wife Ruth.  Ruth endured tough treatment for cancer – once she was better she organised a fundraising event in Galashiels – it was one of the best events I have ever been to – her school did a Stars in their Eyes event and were just spectacular.  I don’t remember how much they raised but I do remember the event it was so good.  Ruth and I became friends – indeed I became friends with her whole family. She went on to climb Kilimanjaro and got to the top (something I didn’t manage!) and her dad and brother climbed the Great Wall of China last year for us.  It is husband Callum’s turn now – he is running the London Marathon for us in the spring.

Even better he is keeping a blog of his training and fundraising – and it is well worth a follow.

You can find it here.

I will keep you updated too on his progress and the progress of our other Marathon runner Heather.  (she is doing great in her training and also has been posting updates on her Facebook page).

Thanks to both of them and to our friends at Virgin Money for giving us this amazing opportunity.

Callum and Ruth