2017 February 16

working out

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Had a mainly personal day yesterday as had my annual check at the Western General Hospital so today has been a lovely day – variety is the spice of life, they say!

Banking, paying invoices, replying to emails, initiating requests and then there was the heavy stuff Рwe have hired a van to take a lot of boxes and furniture to our storage units in Leith tomorrow.  But that meant we had to move huge boxes which seemed awkward and heavy to us! I have new muscles tonight and may need to soak in a bath later with epsoms salts.  Quite a workout we got! We will be glad to get space back in our garage Рjust in time to fill it again no doubt. It is incredibly kind of Broughton `Removals to support us

I am also working on the plans for the volunteer teams we need to get the big storage boxes emptied – we have a very short window of opportunity end April and beginning of May. I bought lots pairs of Marigolds at the weekend for all of us to use.

It’s wonderful to have so many offers to help and I will work on a wee rota soon.