2017 August

Super Supporter for July – Charlotte Gloag

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How amazing is this wee girl? She has supported us before but this time she decided she had too many soft toys and was going to sell them to raise funds for it’s good 2 give. As this wasn’t enough she made a video to accompany her advert to sell – it was fantastic!

it was also successful – she raised over £130

Total star. I reckon she is a top fundraiser of the future and meantime she is our Supporter of the Month for July

#onemillionsteps in one month for itsgood2give

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One Million Steps in One Month

Sound tough? I think so.

However supporter Stevie McCracken didn’t think so! He downloaded an app on his phone and off he went on 1 August.

Often on his own, sometimes with company he has walked through blisters and aches but now he is almost at the end of his month (and well on target to achieve his 1 million steps) he says he is finding it easier. Go figure!

At the same time as walking he has been raising funds for us – his total is currently £1600 and rising!

We think his achievements are awesome.   Thanks Stevie so very much for doing this – and in addition helping raise awareness of it’s good 2 give.

Ripple Retreat nature watch!

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Ripple Retreat nature notes

Because Ian and I have been staying here often over past few weeks or arriving early morning we have been lucky enough to see all sorts of creatures.
Bats late at night which is wonderful as they eat midges and of those there are plenty. (though we are also purchasing midge eating machines to deal with those on a longer term basis)
A brown owl – sadly we saw this because it hit one of the windows – don’t worry it was fine – stunned but got up and flew away after an hour’s rest.
The fabulous bird feeder station has meant we get siskins, finches, sparrows, blue tits, wagtails and a gorgeous woodpecker. Oh and recently also a jay – very pretty but also very greedy.
Our neighbour says we have red squirrels but they are avoiding me so far – it is my goal to see one before the year is out!
Today I saw the tiniest frog ever in our burn. Barely bigger than a finger nail.
So there is plenty to watch and we have the kit to watch it – lovely binoculars bought for us by our friends The McPhersons.
Good enough to see the fish jump out of the water! That is fun to watch and impossible (for me) to photograph.



Art at the Retreat part 8

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Julie Robertson has supported It’s Good 2 Give for several years and has regularly donated her paintings to us for auction.
We wanted to keep one for the Retreat art gallery and chose the one below – it is of Cramond Island off the shores of Edinburgh and looks right at home in our Retreat.
Julie also introduced us to her husband Donald and he volunteers for us as a Trustee and our Treasurer (and is himself a treasure!).
Thanks to both Julie and Donald for their lovely gifts to us.