Blue Monday and Ten Mile Tuesday

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Busy couple of days.

Here goes –

more furniture arrived for the It’s Good 2 Give Ripple Retreat – yesterday it was an egg chair.  Good timing as it arrived on what is known as Blue Monday – and it is blue!










The only thing was the box it came in was huge and needed sawn up as did the pallet it sat on!










I was given 6 pieces of art by Scottish artist Serena Hale – stunning pics – some of which will go in our Ripple Retreat and some will be auctioned for our Ripple Retreat.

Called and wrote re lottery license.  Again.

Paid deposit on some lanyards we are ordering and agreed design.

Worked with Shonagh for a few hours planning upcoming events, working on our Young Ambassadors Programme, discussing survey designs, newsletter content and at least a dozen other tasks.  I must say too that the lovely GM of the BW Bruntsfield Hotel looked after us awfully well and we are most grateful to her for that.  There is a wee pic of me and Susie Farley(the GM) below.

Shonagh and I also met with Paul  and Richard from Xeretec who are now, very kindly, one of our corporate sponsors.  Thanks, guys – very much appreciated and nice to chat with you.

Ridiculous though it sounds – I also got a delivery today of xmas trees.  Quite where I am going to store them I do not know but I shall find a space in our secure storage.

Alice, who helps with admin, said she has worked for a lot of people but has rarely seen such variety in workload and that there are a lot of plates I am keeping spinning in the air.  Actually I love the variety – which is just as well!  From today’s networking to cleaning up the polystyrene that came with the chairs, from being on interviewing panels to  ironing volunteer tops, we cover it all!

Tonight I joined Trustee Kae’s new group – Ten Mile Tuesdays – though I was just doing 2 miles – I aspire to being able to do 10!  Maybe by end of the year. I am happy to report I actually managed three miles.  Probably the furthest I have walked since before my diagnosis


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