Charity of the Year

New Charity Partner

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We are delighted to announce we have been taken on as Charity of the Year by the Edinburgh office of Johnston Carmichael in Melville Street.

We had a great meeting with them on Friday and  have made a few plans already for fundraising and volunteering!

Very much looking forward to the year ahead.


Dunbar Golf Club

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Great news.  Dunbar Golf Club took us on as Charity of the Year for 2014.  On Saturday night I went down to collect a cheque – Anne Marshall, Captain of the Ladies Club was main organiser of the fundraising during the year and she handed over the cheque with the fantastic total of £2157.90!

Thanks to all who helped raise the money and especially to Anne for all her hard work and support.  Anne is one of our regular volunteers and we appreciate very much all she does for us.


Buccleuch Property Challenge

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Super busy few weeks for us – let me tell you a bit about this weekend.

Friday we were up at the crack of dawn  before dawn – 5am to start our trip to Thornhill in Dumfries and Galloway – we were going to Drumlanrig Castle to marshal at the Buccleuch Property Challenge.

We are the benefitting charity.   Ian and our grandson Sam loaded up our car on the Thursday night and there was barely enough space for Sam in the back – but we managed it.  Ian was navigator and I was driving.  Sat nav sometimes fails so Ian had his trusty map book out.  He had also made up (ballencrieff)bacon and (free range) egg sandwiches which smelt delicious.

After a windy road drive – not my favourite- we arrived at our destination – oh my gosh.  As you drove up the long drive facing the Castle you were blown away by the beauty of the place – and the views across the valley were stunning too.  What a seriously beautiful place – courtyard shops, gardens, cafe – even a bike rental shop.

Ian, Sam and I got to erecting our marquee – it is huge and hard to do but with youth on our side (Sam) we managed it fine.  Sam is also taller than  us which helped in getting the sides of the tent on.

Soon after we arrived the rest of the team did too – we did have a wee chuckle at Rosie’s expense – she and Sam were clearly not early morning people.  By 10am their normal cheery selves had returned though.

After our marshal briefing session, James our Blue Sky contact took us to the area we were going to be supervising.  Susan had owned up (ok, truth to tell, Susan’s daughter Rosie said) to having a lifesaver certificate – so Susan was marshalling at the loch where participants had to go down a steep slope, strip off most of their clothes and swim across the (little) loch and back.

The rest of us were at the Commonwealth games area – we had a javelin area, shot putt and discus throwing.  Oh what fun we had – we had to practice so we knew what to tell participants – James warned us that sometimes folk threw outside the ‘zone’ so we were to be extra careful where spectators stood.  Marlyn went first with the practice discus throw.  And promptly threw the blooming thing way outside the zone!  Oh, how we laughed.  Till it was our shot.  Jings, that whole discus throwing is harder than it looks.  And as for the javelin throwing – maximum respect to good javelin throwers.  We didn’t see many of them on Friday.  What we did see was folk giving it their all – what a brilliant day. Susan wasn’t required to rescue anyone thank goodness. In fact the Medic wasn’t required at all.

Rosie and I went to the finish line to help with scoring (really complicated) and we were glad to be able to help speed up the process.

I think all the competitors were in by 4pm and then it was bbq time and prizegiving.  we had the chance to chat with participants and show them the Ripple Retreat plans.

Then it was time to get the tent down and get ourselves home – we got home back of 9pm and pretty much headed straight to bed!

Immense thanks to Buccleuch Property for choosing us as Charity of the Year and to Caorunn Gin, Montpeliers, the Sheraton Grand, Sue Gibson, Balanced Physiotherapy for donations of prizes and goody bag items. All were appreciated!

Enjoy a few photos of the day……..


New Partnership with Informed Edinburgh

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Delighted to let you know we have a new partnership with Karen and her team at Informed Edinburgh – in addition to promoting our events and the charity generally, Karen and her team are going to help us with marketing and writing press releases – not my strong point!

It is so nice to have partnerships that offer support like this – gives a nice balance in the businesses that support us – from those that do active fundraising to those who provide their skills and we love them all.



Another new partnership for 2014/15

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I am delighted to announce another new business /charity partnership for us.

Buccleuch Property have taken us on as Charity of the Year.  I’m looking forward to our time together very much – Buccleuch organise a massive physical challenge in September each year and this year they are holding it at Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries and Galloway.  We’ll be there with our marquee and volunteers to support the participants and hope that we can rustle up a team to take part too.

Thanks for choosing us, Buccleuch Property – it is very much appreciated.


New partnerships

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We are delighted to announce a few new charity/business partnerships for 2014

Our long time supporter Shirley Twist has a business called Handbag Heaven in Howe Street, Edinburgh
In her own words –  Handbag Heaven Exchange where authentic luxury costs less and we take the work out of selling your pre-loved handbags and accessories!

She has taken us on as Charity of the Year.

There are a number of items in her shop that have been donated and now bear this sign – when sold, we get all proceeds!


On some items in Handbag Heaven – we love it!

Shirley has also held a customer event where we benefitted too.


The Scotsman Spa recently decided to support us too by taking us on as Charity of the Year – I swim there 5 days a week and know how beautiful it is and already they have supported us with prizes for events and offering the use of the studio for charity classes.


Last but not least

Call Print in South College Street, Edinburgh have begun a partnership with us which will help us with printing needs this year.  With so many events on the go and challenges this is a great opportunity to have printed materials.


The Team at Callprint Edinburgh. Steven, Karen and Ross

We are very grateful to all these businesses for their support and look forward to working with them this year to achieve our goals.


Wendy’s Pudding event!

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Sunday 6 April 2014

Wendy’s first pudding event (with cocktails!)

Mackies of Scotland are donating the ingredient costs and Wendy is  donating her time and the venue. Reeltime Bar will be supplying delightful cocktails to start the event off.

You will also have a goodie bag to take home. We plan on having five courses of pudding, including a trio of individual deserts, apple crumble, pavlova, cheesecake and make-your-own ice-cream sundaes.

To book your place contact Wendy Paterson on 07950431463 or email

Tickets £25 each

(I hope I am allowed along – you know, to tell you more about the charity and maybe get any leftovers….. 😉


Scottish Property Awards 2014

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Our first year as benefitting charity!

The awards dinner was held at the Sheraton Grand hotel, Edinburgh – 450 guests, two superb hosts in our own friend and Patron, Grant Stott and TV presenter Catriona Shearer.

The Awards are organised and run by KDMedia led by Kirsten Speirs, ably assisted by Kelly Manthorp.

We had provided some raffle prizes and enjoyed mingling with the guests at the drinks reception, during dinner and later. It was also our first opportunity to show an architect’s impression of our Retreat. Seeing it on the big screen was quite something!

We raised over £7500 on the night which is a terrific boost to our fundraising this year.

On a sweet note I am recovering from a broken wrist and still can’t hold a knife – I tried to just eat the food I could on the plate but the ever attentive Grant noticed and took my plate, cut up all the food and quietly handed it back to me. He is a real gent.

If you’d like to see photos from the night click here.


Our thanks to Lothian Buses

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I’m a little bit sad.

The end of a relationship can make you that way.

However, we are going to remain friends!


Joking aside, our partnership for the past year with Lothian Buses has been superb for It’s Good 2 Give and we hope for them too!



  • behind the scenes visits to the depot at Annandale street and inside the control room
  • going through the Bus Wash – such a hit with the kids
  • the Horrible Histories tour meeting  author Terry  Deary
  • the Christmas Grotto bus and tour
  • 60+ employees  joining our Pedal 4 Paul cycling team


  • all the mobile phones handed in during the year and being recycled for cash just for us
  • Helen Adams running the Loch Ness Marathon for us
  • donating beanie hats for our Kilimanjaro team
  • and over £9000 raised

Yes, it has been a very good year.

Every member of staff I met during the year was supportive and got right behind supporting us – Chief Executive Ian Craig joined the cycling team which  Andy Finlay organised

Clare Bridson made sure we always had fundraising opportunities and introduced me to the Tuesday curry in the canteen!

Special mention to Anne the xmas elf – what a star – lovely lovely lady.

Am I saving the best for last?

You bet I am.


What an amazing gift – to have a bus with our logo and information all over it was just incredible.

It was (still is for a wee while longer) bus number 830 and it is fair to say I love it.  It makes me get goosebumps when I see it and gave me one of the most fun days of my life when earlier this year I unknowingly got on it!  Within moments I realized that it was our bus and wouldn’t get off till it reached its terminus, tweeting my progress along the way.

So, yes I was sad when I realised that the year  as their charity partner was coming to an end but incredibly generously Lothian Buses have given us the wonderful gift of a new bus for the coming year. We’re going to put some new photos onto it – including a picture of the Ripple Retreat we aim to build later this year.

I give huge thanks to Ian and his team at  Lothian Buses for their kindness and support during our year  and extra thanks for the new bus.

My bus spotting days continue!


Peter and the HSBC team

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IMG_9291Great fundraising year by the staff at HSBC Hanover Street – we were delighted to collect a cheque from Peter Hardie for over £3600 this week. Joining Lynne was JackGrierson on work experience from Currie Community High School

Many thanks to all at the branch who helped raise the funds