Callander Youth Project Trust fundraisers

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Last week I was delighted  to meet up with three young people from Callander Youth Project Trust along with their Youth Worker, Danielle Fitzpatrick.

They handed over a cheque for £207 from a fundraising event they held last month for us.

Aidan, Freya and Steven were really keen to see round  the Retreat and were very impressed with what they saw!  It was lovely that they all recognised that the families who stay will benefit most from the peace and the location.

We extend our thanks to Aidan, Freya and Steven (seen in the photo below) and also to Megan, Erin and Lucy who were involved in the event but unable to visit the Retreat.

We hope they keep in touch with us.

It is fantastic to have support from young people wanting to help other less fortunate young people.

Ripple Retreat art part 5 – harmonies in wood

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Harmonies in Wood

almost 8 years ago I won an award as Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year and the award itself was beautiful. I have always loved wood and find it very tactile. So the day after receiving the award I got in touch with the designer of the award.
That was Scott Irvine and he told me no one had ever commented on his awards. And that was the start of our relationship. Over the years Scott has given me stunning pieces for auction items at big events. He has designed pieces I have given (on a personal basis) to two retiring Trustees for long and special service and our Young Ambassadors have the chance to receive an award designed by Scott later this year.
For the Retreat Scott wanted to create something special and unique. He certainly achieved that by creating a beautiful mirror. It has ripples, a loch and Ben Ledi. It has been much admired by our Open day visitors and I am sure that our family guests will love it too.

You can see more of Scott’s work at Soprano Ice, Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh or at his website.












Once Scott saw the Ripple Retreat and its new logo he very kindly designed and made the stunning coasters shown in pic below for us.  So many supporters have expressed an interest in them that they are now also for sale at £15 each with £2 from each purchase coming to It’s Good 2 Give.  It’s hard to choose which is my favourite colour – they are all so lovely.  Thank you Scott.

If you would like to buy one or more do get in touch with Scott directly or email me.


Ripple Retreat art part 4

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Serena Hale

Serena is a great friend of former Trustee Marlyn. She has organised workshops for our families and previously donated art to auction so it was an extra special treat for us to be given six pieces of art by Serena. We kept two pieces to auction at our Afternoon tea events and the other four are now hanging in our dining area of Ripple Retreat. We love the vibrancy of colours and my personal favourite is the tree picture.

Thanks, Serena.

Rippler Retreat art part 3

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The John Lewis story

I made a gift list at John Lewis for our Ripple Retreat – many supporters had expressed an interest in buying something for the retreat and this was an ideal way.
Months later and many many gifts bought the list was closed and all the items delivered to the Retreat. I was very happy with the way John Lewis team had helped – I had a named representative to speak to at any time, Keiran and he helped by finding alternative items or postponing deliver date.
After the Retreat was open he called to check all had gone well and asked me for a picture of it as he wanted to share it with his colleagues. I obliged.
Little did I know that what he really wanted it for was to have this picture made for us and sent with a lovely letter expressing their admiration for the Retreat and our wee charity.
We love it and its story even more!

Ripple Retreat art part 2

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We wanted our hallway to become a gallery of art that meant something to us in the Charity.  No sooner had I said this than wonderful donations of art flooded in.
Look at this pic for example

Many years ago it was painted by a 6 year old Kim – niece of former Trustee and now Lead Ambassador Susan Stewart. A few years later Kim was diagnosed with cancer and very sadly died just before her 15th birthday. A year or so after this I met Susan and her sister Tricia – Kim’s mum.
They gave me Kim’s picture – well prints from it – they kept the original. We sold them at events and had one framed – we auctioned it and a long time supporter bought it. This must be nine or ten years ago remember.
Anyway, that long time supporter Merle and her husband Tony came to one of our open days and she brought Kim’s picture. She had read my post and decided to give it back to us for our gallery!
it is a much loved addition and we thank you Merle.






Young Ambassador Skye Dunlop and her family donated this lovely picture – they wanted to give us something nautical and special and it certainly is- chosen by Skye and painted by a friend of her family we love it.








The photo of Loch Venachar was taken by a friend of David and Jean Ferguson one May morning. I love it and David and Jean gave me this framed copy during my illness 2 years ago. I love it so much I wanted it to be in our gallery.










Over the past year or so i have become twitter pals with a lady in Aberdeen – her cousin Millie had died four years ago and Millie’s entire family have become passionate and enthusiastic supporters. Lynne and her daughter visited on one of our open days and brought us this gorgeous gift – perfect for our gallery and much admired already.

Our favourite blacksmith

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Kev Paxton is a blooming genius – he works with metal and just makes the most gorgeous sculptures. I was lucky enough to be given one of his bird feeder stations when I was sick 2 years ago. This beautiful structure lifted my spirits so much and since then the birds we have seen are varied and many. Most recently we have had the joy of seeing a woodpecker regularly visit the feeder station – a great treat.
Kev has a ‘wingman’ called Cat – she is a vital part of his team as are all the guys and gals who work for him. He teaches them this incredible skill of working with metal making beautiful art.
Kev and Cat are both Ambassadors for It’s Good 2 Give spreading the word about the charity and representing us.
As if it wasn’t enough donating Bill the Bull and fundraising with him (raised over £3k), ArtFe have donated one of their amazing bird feeder stations and a gate that is quite simply amazing. it has so much for a child and any adult too, to admire. There is a mouse eating cheese, a butterfly, a heart (because our new RR logo is a rippling heart), a snail, bees, and of course and quite majestically a big bold thistle. A very special addition just for me is the shooting star – a link to Zoe the first teenager I met 11 years ago.
I have a few favourite things at RR – the roof is one, Ben and Karen’s bench another and for sure Kev’s gate is right up there on my list.
If you want to see more of Kev’s work and I highly recommend it – you can see him with Cat and the team at the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston.

On the lookout for prizes and sponsors

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It’s that time again – we have half a dozen events in the second half of 2017 and so need to have lots of prizes and auction items for them.

We are already super grateful to a great many donors for donating some pretty special prizes and would love to be grateful to a few more donors!

Anyone able to donate please do get in touch.

We’d love to have some sponsors too for our events – we have  the Scottish Beer Awards, Blingo, Young Ambassadors Afternoon Tea, our Ball, Christmas Afternoon Tea and a new event still to be organised but definitely  happening – a fab foodie event at the Edinburgh School of food and Wine.

Do get in touch if you can help – we would love to hear from you!

email me on or Shonagh on

A birthday card a day please!

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IMG_0618 mugsI started fundraising 11 years ago this month just before my 49th birthday.

And here I am just a few days short of my 60th birthday – hard to believe really. The time has flown by.

I decided to set several challenges – two I can tell you about!

the first was to get 60 gifts for the Ripple Retreat from our John Lewis and Amazon gift lists – that worked wonderfully well!  Far in excess of 60 gifts have been bought by our wonderful supporters.

The second challenge I started just yesterday – to get a birthday card each day until my birthday – real or virtual- and to have a gift with it – not for me, you understand, but for It’s Good 2 Give

It could be the pledge of a prize – auction or raffle- for 2017 (I need 20 auction items and 250 raffle gifts), it could be that you come to an event in 2017, or take us on as Charity of the Year, or give us something for the Ripple Retreat, become a Regular Giver, pledge to be one of the celebs (or ask a celeb) for our cooking event early spring (no cooking experience required), a pack of 2nd class stamps, or a wee gift card for a supermarket or JL or Ikea or Molton Brown.

I wasn’t 100% sure this one would work but once again, our supporters are rallying round – I got a new Regular Giver, a bike to auction, two pledges of raffle prizes, one of the new plastic £5 notes and the offer of a young classical musical quartet to play at an event.

Today I had a visit from Ingrid from Bon Papillon art gallery and cafe (in Howe Street, Edinburgh) – she brought me a fabulous gift – 36 mugs for the Ripple Retreat.

Thank you Ingrid, Susie and Darlene and all the others who have donated already.  I have so much appreciation of your support.

ps my birthday is on 4 December.

NHBC Awards Lunch

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The NHBC held their Pride in the Job Awards lunch in Glasgow two weeks ago and very kindly put donation envelopes on the tables.  They also showed a short video about the Ripple Retreat.

I went through with a supporter and we counted the donations in the envelopes and there was a fantastic £5500 (which we promptly banked!)

It was so kind of them to support us and much appreciated.

Christmas Cards 2016

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It may only be September, but it’s time for us at It’s Good 2 Give to start thinking about Christmas cards! We all know how the festive season can creep up on you, so why not get ahead of the game and buy your Christmas cards early?

This year’s cards, two of which have been specially designed for us by Kate from Sunlight on Closed Lids and one which features the Wee Broon Dug, cost £4 for a pack of 10 cards. They are all A5 size.

They are in packs of 10 – all one design.

Email to order yours and give to a good cause this Christmas!

Proud to let you know that every penny comes to us – printing was donated by Captivate Creative and envelopes, packing and labels donated by donor.

Evie’s boots and the shopfront cards both  have a little sparkle to them.

Wee Broon Dug is a photo taken by Nadia of Yellow Dog Photography.


Wee Broon Dug in Santa Hat Photo by Yellow Dog Photography – thanks Nadia

shopFLAT copy

ig2g goes shopping Thanks to Kate Holliday at Sunlight on Closed Lids for this design

Evie's boots

Evie’s sparkly pink uggs. Thanks to Kate Holliday of Sunlight on Closed Lids for this design