#onemillionsteps Take 2

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Two special fundraisers recently have  had great fundraising ideas.  Stevie Mac challenged himself to walk #onemillionsteps in August.  And he did it!   (raised over £2k at same time).  Angela P took on the challenge to raise £1k to fund a week’s stay at Ripple Retreat for one family. I loved both ideas so much I decided to combine them.  And add my own twist – I love Christmas so I have decided to fundraise for the Christmas week.  I have increased the amount to £1500 as want to make the week extra special for the family staying.

I can’t manage Stevie’s efforts – post cancer treatment has long term side effects.  However I do believe I can do #onemillionsteps by my December birthday.  I have a watch that counts steps so will note my daily tally.

I’d love your donation, be it a pound, ten pounds or a thousand pounds!

Here is my online donation page.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Today, my first day – I did 6782 steps.  A good start.

Thanks for reading and keep on supporting.  I remember every single day how fortunate I am to have your support – there are a great many wonderful charities out there you could support and you have chosen to support us.

Much love to you for doing that.  Maybe you would like to join me on this challenge – feel free to do so – any amount you raise is most appreciated! (I think we have one more #onemillionsteps recruit in Carol – I’ll let you know when she starts her challenge).


Intrepid 7 climb Kilimanjaro for us

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Huge thanks to Denise Martin-Laurie leading her team of 7 undertaking the massive challenge to climb Kilimanjaro in October this year.

Denise has been a long time supporter of ours – attending several events over the years and I am so pleased that she wants to support us again.

Having tackled Kilimanjaro myself a few years back I tip my hat to them!  It is a tough climb.

All the very best to you Denise, Steven, Dave, Claire, Grant, Alison and Sandy – take it slow and steady and enjoy the views.

Their fundraising page can be found here

Meet the team

Everest Base Camp Challenge 2018

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One of our supporters, Graham Lawson, has decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime and do a trek to Everest Base Camp.   Graham has been a supporter for many years now since his daughter Tabby was diagnosed with cancer when she was 6.   Tabby is now well and one of our Young Ambassadors – an enthusiastic and successful fundraiser too!  Graham has already climbed Kilimanjaro and trekked in the Arctic for us but this is in a different league.  Everest Base Camp trek is tough.

He has even managed to persuade two others to join him on this challenge in April 2018.

Having said all that, there are still spaces if anyone is interested in joining him!   You’d have to pay your own way for the trek itself and then raise ££££ for us in addition.

If you would like to know more, get in touch with either Kae or Lynne

The photo below was when Graham was training for the Arctic Trek – you might recognise his companion!  (none other than Scottish Rugby legend, Gavin Hastings)

Graham pulling Gavin Hastings

Ripple Retreat Yoga Mats

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Your chance to buy a lovely yoga mat and at the same time make a £7 donation to us – a donation we will put towards our Relaxation day at the Ripple Retreat later this year.

Our first Relaxation day is for mums and will have yoga, reiki, massages and a fabulous healthy lunch on offer to the mums (at no cost to them).  These mums need a bit of pampering as they have a child or teen in treatment for cancer.

So if you would love a new yoga mat – one with our gorgeous rippling heart logo on it please do get in touch

collection only from either an Edinburgh, Dunbar or Dunfermline address

Wee Broon Dug’s ‘mum’ is busy again……

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Not often we get a gift like this but we had the pool to ourselves this morning for 50minutes!  Utter bliss.

Fair set me up for the day and  I got lots done.  Some personal and a few things IG2G.   Met my friend and fellow Trustee Susie Bradley (she who is Wee Broon Dug’s ‘mum’) at Craigie’s Farm for a cuppa and chat.










We caught up on her plans for leading and organising a 20+ team of trekkers to do a climb up the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis.  After our chat, I set up an event page on Virgin Money Giving and did a wee video for the trekkers to help them set up their own pages.   Must have worked ok because three pages have been done in past hour!  Susie is doing a great job and has plans to organise various training walks to get her team Ben Nevis ready.  You can see some of her team in the photo.










Susie has been a very active fundraiser recently – it was her idea to have a Wee Broon Dug calendar designed and she found the amazing photographer Nadia of Yellow Dog Photography.   She raised over £1500 from sales of the calendar which is tremendous.  You will also often find her walking Wee Broon Dug wearing her IG2G jacket advertising  us very well indeed!











Continuing my efforts to improve my fitness, we went a walk today – maybe further than I could really manage (was only about 3 miles) and so I had another rare treat of a mid-afternoon bath – filled with Epsom salts to help ease my aches and pains!  The walk also allowed Ian and I to chat about IG2G ideas and plans, and issues.  Once home, I have managed to fit in a bit of banking – checking the accounts and paying a couple of bills, achieved yet another sale, worked on a newsletter and had a think about who to ask to be our celebrity chefs at an event we plan in March.

Honestly, we need longer days in the next few weeks – there is so much to do and we are so lucky to be in this position.


Another Day in the Life of……..

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Despite today being a difficult one personally (5th anniversary of my stepson’s sudden death in a Road Traffic Incident) it has been a good day.

Ian and I worked together on a number of Ripple Retreat issues – ordering furniture and asking for discounts – I have been very successful in getting great discounts so far!  Time consuming but very worthwhile. Ian, meantime, was dealing with BT.  Enough said…….

Then I got a lovely call offering me a London Marathon place and so I had a couple of hours of checking with folk who had asked in the past and, well, to cut a long story short one of our fab long time supporters is going to take  up the opportunity.  I shall tell more next week – she wants to make a plan first before announcing it.

I started my January To Do List as in I started to compile it, not started to work it.  I need to clone me.  Yikes, there is much to do.

However, let me tell you about last night’s amazing success.  I wrote on our Facebook Trustees and Ambassadors page that it is more work than I ever imagined.  Because it is. That I need to get 250 prizes in.  That I need to sort events out volunteer wise.

Before you knew it, emails, messages and tweets were pinging in offering prizes and volunteers.  Hazel, one of our Glasgow Ambassadors pulled together a team of 6 volunteers for an event in Glasgow in March. Several Ambassadors shared a few posts about treks and challenges. One of our Ambassadors, Kev, offered us a fabulous topiary coo to auction.  At another event it raised £8500!.    Now, if there is anyone out there who would like to give me £10k right now, it is yours!   worth every penny – I have seen how these are made and it is hard work and incredible skill.  Not to mention Kev’s kindness in donating.

I now have 50 of the 250 prizes I need – there is much work to do on getting the rest but I like work. Just wish I had more time in each day.

In case I make it sound like life is one big party – raising money, organising events, asking for prizes, requesting discounts, let me tell you that it takes hours and hours or hard work and there is one job always destined to put a gloomy cloud over my head when it is mentioned.  Getting guests to pay.  We have some who are so fast it isn’t true. But there are also others who need a few reminders.  I hate doing reminders, makes me feel like a nagging wife (and Ian will very happily tell you, that I am far from a nagging wife).  I gotta do it though if I want to keep doing events.   Well, I say I gotta do it.  I mean me and Shonagh gotta do it.  She has the lion’s share of chasing.  The sigh of relief when all money is in for an event is audible in space, I am convinced.

Anyway, I must go as have a few more emails to send off tonight asking for prizes.  Wish me luck!

Kev Paxton of ArtFe - topiary coo

Kev Paxton of ArtFe – topiary coo

It’s Good 2 Give Ten Mile Tuesdays

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Trustee Kae came up with this absolute cracker of an idea.   I wish I was fit enough to do it – it sounds fabulous.

Here’s what she says –

Joining us on a Challenge? Training for an event? Needing to get fit? Love walking and just fancy meeting some new chums? Join us every Tuesday for a TEN mile training walk around Edinburgh – rain or shine. Starting next week from the corner of Kinellan Road and Ellersly Road at 6pm. Open to everyone! Wrap up and come along….

For more information, please email Kae on

Marlyn Treks the Great Wall

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Guest Blog post by former Trustee and Company Secretary, Marlyn Minto.

Marlyn Treks the Great Wall


“You are completely bonkers” seemed to be the general consensus amongst the wonderful friends who sponsored me when I announced I was going to join the It’s Good 2 Give trek on the Great Wall of China. A year later, standing at the foot of a thousand plus step climb just to get on to the wall, I was tempted to concede they were probably correct.

In my final year as a trustee of the charity I had wanted to undertake a challenge which would test me personally and raise funds towards the Retreat, the building of which was underway. Enthused by the description of the trek by Lisa from Ultimate Challenges at the introductory talk arranged by Lynne, I was the first to sign up.

“You had better get fit” was the cryptic response from partner Ken who promptly appointed himself my personal trainer. The following day, exactly 12 months before setting off found me running up and down our 14 house stairs 8 times at 7am. Too breathless to drink my recuperative cup of tea I pondered the wisdom of my decision. However I gradually increased the stairs adding in cardio tennis, cycling and hill walking. My regime was briefly interrupted by the removal of my gall bladder but my fitness level when I arrived at Glasgow airport for the flight to Beijing was considerably improved. I still felt anxious however about my ability especially as I was, by far, the most senior in the group.

And it proved really difficult – up to 7 hours a day for five days of steep ascents on uneven and crumbling steps, clambering through watchtowers, scrambling through the bush when we left the wall to avoid military zones, crossing narrow ledges, descending at such an angle you had to lean back at 45 degrees, steps, steps, steps and more steps. The scenery was magnificent – for the most part there was not another human in sight and the wall undulated towards the horizon punctuated by watchtowers.

The camaraderie was similarly magnificent everyone looking out for the others, supporting, encouraging and praising. And when we felt it was all too much, the video of young cancer patient Kira, relating how she faced a much greater challenge, moved us to tears, humbled us and renewed our determination to complete the trek. We all did so, including, rather to my astonishment, me. The sense of achievement is enormous; in particular as Lynne tells me the 16 trekkers have raised close to £100000. I am so proud to have contributed to that.

On the Wall there were various discussions as to whether we would undertake future treks. I was quite firm that this was my first and last physical challenge. I hear a rumour however of a trek in Bhutan in 2018 so watch this space. Bonkers indeed!

Footnote by me (Lynne)

I met Marlyn today for a chat and found out she is super keen on our trek in Bhutan.   Marlyn is one of the most travelled people I know but hasn’t been to Bhutan yet and it is on her list of must visit places.  I am delighted to be able to give her the chance to visit and raise funds for a charity she loves to bits!  We have an information evening on 22 February at the Virgin Lounge, St Andrew Square Edinburgh from 6-8pm – if anyone else wants to find out more about the trek please do get in touch.

If you would like to see some of the photos from the GWChina Trek click here and you can see our Flickr album.


Peter the Great

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Peter Hardie has been one of our fantastic supporters for several years now – this, though, had to be his toughest challenge!

He decided he would borrow an exercise bike and cycle literally for 24 hours outside his office.

He had information about our charity on a table beside him and always had a colleague from his work beside him – they took turns even during the night.

Any money raised was taken away regularly to keep it (and therefore Peter) safe.

Ian and I went to see him at 8am on the Saturday taking a hot chocolate for him and he was in remarkably good spirits and shape.  He said people had been kind during the night and certainly that showed in his fundraising. Well over £3000.

And that isn’t all!  Peter had plans to run in the Edinburgh half marathon two weeks after the 24 cycle.  I don’t know how he even was able to walk the next day never mind continue training for the half marathon.

He did and was glad to see and hear our volunteers en route cheering him and the other itsgood2give runners on.

Some photos of our wonderful friend, Peter.

In his own words –

“As Steve Redgrave said back in 1996 ‘if you ever catch me near a boat again , shoot me ‘ . This could relate to me but with an exercise bike. During the Edinburgh Fringe I decided to cycle on a static exercise bike for a full 24 hours non stop (pee breaks only) starting Friday lunchtime all the way through the night dealing with nightclub goers and onto Saturday @ 12pm. A crazy solo challenge that had people believing that I would not be there the next again morning. But I was and the support from friends family, festival goers and Edinburgh locals was unbelievable, and gave me the drive, determination and will power to complete this insane stupid challenge. I won’t do a challenge like that again in a while. The pain in my palms of my hands, my knees and my bottom were unbelievably sore for days after. However to raise £3350 for children and their families who go through a lot worse than me, it was totally worth it. The exercise bike is away in a locked cupboard. Throw away the key please. Peter Hardie”

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