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It’s Good 2 Give are Seeking fundraisers

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Now that the Retreat is almost ready to welcome families (we are doing final snagging next week and then final ground works the week after) we are looking for lovely folks who might fund-raise for us to start the ball rolling on keeping the Retreat open and also continuing to provide our practical services to young cancer patients and their families.

We also, this year, are fundraising to provide the wall art in the children’s cancer ward at the new Sick Children’s Hospital, Edinburgh and to provide comfy chairs  and lockers for parents in the ward and clinic. Ever practical, those were the projects we wanted to support at the new Hospital.

So, if you’d like to help us, please get in touch with

You can set up your own fundraising page or can make a donation to ours

the links are below

The Ripple Retreat page can be found here and

our fundraising page for our projects at the new Sick Kids Hospital can be found here


A perfect Saturday

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I have some of my best ideas while swimming.  The only problem is remembering them all when I get out the water, showered, dressed and get to my bag with the notebook!

This morning was classic example.   I remembered most but am pretty sure there are a couple of thoughts/tasks/ideas I forgot between pool and cafe.

A friend has just told me that amazon might have a waterproof notebook.  Maybe an investment I need to make.

We doubt there will be days off this year as our Ripple Retreat heads towards completion.  Even while shopping in Space NK today I asked about a prize for Blingo and June the manager there (who has known me for many years now) kindly obliged.  Another pledged prize to add to the list.  I am feeling quite pleased at the moment as I now have 75 prizes towards my 250 total.

I also did some selling today of items – the proceeds will be used for office ‘stuff’ – I started by buying two lever arch files.  My clear outs are always to benefit my beloved charity, though the benefits of clearouts are dual – the house gets tidier!


I am trying to get some exercise into every day so, in addition to our swim today, we went for a short walk.  As the year is so busy I bought all the greetings cards I need for the year ahead.  And while in one of the lovely independent shops at Bruntsfield I spotted this lovely print and showed it to Ian and we decided it would be perfect for the Retreat so ordered it.   I will need to get a great frame for it but I know who to ask (Stuart and Ingrid at Bon Papillon).

Weeks ago, I promised our trekkers – the ones doing the Grand Canyon trek in October (spaces still available and plenty time left to train) that I would do a video helping them set up a great online fundraising page. That, then, was my focus as soon as we got home from our walk.  I am as bad with videos as I am with blog posts and it is probably too long but I hope it helps them! It took 10 times as long to download it onto Facebook as it did for me to film it!

Last year at Blingo I did a new fundraiser – a bottle tombola – I had read about it on Pinterest ( you can lose yourself for days on Pinterest).  It was so successful that we are doing it again.  But of course that means more begging and I started that today.  I have 10 bottles so far for the Tombola and one of my most amazing supporters has pledged to get in 50 bottles for us.  If we get enough, we will do it at the Ball too.  First things first though – the Blingo allocation.

That’s pretty much me for today – wee bit more research on this computer looking at bands for the Ball, couple of prize request emails and some instagramming and then it is feet up reading a book.  (I am starting the one on Colonel Hadfield because I have joined a new book club and that is their chosen book. Amazingly Col Hadfield is coming to Edinburgh this month and a very amazing friend has bought Ian and I tickets to go see him in the Usher Hall.  I shall let you know what he was like).

Hope you have had as lovely a Saturday as me.

Not quite the end of a great week

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Pretty tired tonight so a wee short post!

Been an amazing week and successful too – today was the same.  More prizes pledged, more donations made, new fundraisers, and a ton of filing.  Boy, will I be glad when the filing is done.

Donald, our treasurer, came over for a finance visit and we had a visit from Paul’s parents, Ruth and Stephen. They had raised more money for us at Ruth’s workplace.  I am going to pop over to see her colleagues next week to do a cheque presentation photo.

I got confirmation of prices for furniture for the main area of the Retreat and an oak toy box so that is all ordered now.  We also fixed up our first visit of 2017 to the Retreat for next week – looking forward to seeing progress.  Before you know it, it will be time to move in.  I have been in touch with several businesses whose staff are going to help us for a day at a time.  Need to make lots of lists of jobs to do.

We need to decide soon on cleaning for the Retreat so that was up for discussion today, I have a number of folk who want to visit the Retreat and need to be careful when to fit that in so we don’t disrupt work there.  I have fixed up one photographer to come take pics of our guests at Blingo and the Ball but am on the lookout for another photographer to do photos throughout the events.

I have several items for sale raising funds for us and today was a great selling day – sold four items.  Trouble was I found four more to sell!  (best not to stand still in this house). One challenge for tomorrow is to pack up an umbrella with a proper handle and post it.

Over the weekend, as well as getting our swim in, I want Ian to video me doing a presentation for our trekkers to help them set up great fundraising pages, and to set up fundraising pages for our charity partners too.  I have done it successfully for a few but will do it for them all to encourage fundraising this year.

So, there is plenty to do though I am very satisfied with a job well done this week.



Another Day in the Life of……..

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Despite today being a difficult one personally (5th anniversary of my stepson’s sudden death in a Road Traffic Incident) it has been a good day.

Ian and I worked together on a number of Ripple Retreat issues – ordering furniture and asking for discounts – I have been very successful in getting great discounts so far!  Time consuming but very worthwhile. Ian, meantime, was dealing with BT.  Enough said…….

Then I got a lovely call offering me a London Marathon place and so I had a couple of hours of checking with folk who had asked in the past and, well, to cut a long story short one of our fab long time supporters is going to take  up the opportunity.  I shall tell more next week – she wants to make a plan first before announcing it.

I started my January To Do List as in I started to compile it, not started to work it.  I need to clone me.  Yikes, there is much to do.

However, let me tell you about last night’s amazing success.  I wrote on our Facebook Trustees and Ambassadors page that it is more work than I ever imagined.  Because it is. That I need to get 250 prizes in.  That I need to sort events out volunteer wise.

Before you knew it, emails, messages and tweets were pinging in offering prizes and volunteers.  Hazel, one of our Glasgow Ambassadors pulled together a team of 6 volunteers for an event in Glasgow in March. Several Ambassadors shared a few posts about treks and challenges. One of our Ambassadors, Kev, offered us a fabulous topiary coo to auction.  At another event it raised £8500!.    Now, if there is anyone out there who would like to give me £10k right now, it is yours!   worth every penny – I have seen how these are made and it is hard work and incredible skill.  Not to mention Kev’s kindness in donating.

I now have 50 of the 250 prizes I need – there is much work to do on getting the rest but I like work. Just wish I had more time in each day.

In case I make it sound like life is one big party – raising money, organising events, asking for prizes, requesting discounts, let me tell you that it takes hours and hours or hard work and there is one job always destined to put a gloomy cloud over my head when it is mentioned.  Getting guests to pay.  We have some who are so fast it isn’t true. But there are also others who need a few reminders.  I hate doing reminders, makes me feel like a nagging wife (and Ian will very happily tell you, that I am far from a nagging wife).  I gotta do it though if I want to keep doing events.   Well, I say I gotta do it.  I mean me and Shonagh gotta do it.  She has the lion’s share of chasing.  The sigh of relief when all money is in for an event is audible in space, I am convinced.

Anyway, I must go as have a few more emails to send off tonight asking for prizes.  Wish me luck!

Kev Paxton of ArtFe - topiary coo

Kev Paxton of ArtFe – topiary coo

Creating a life I don’t need a vacation from

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Today was a bit like yesterday.  Lots of wee things that took longer than anticipated.

I had to get a new password at our bank as couldn’t open our statements, that took a while then I had to download them, print them, check them and work out who still has to pay for the Ball, who needs a thank you letter, have all our bills been paid.  I was also writing a list of items that need printed – it’s a long list now.  Could be costly!

I did however, manage to exceed my prize quota for the day – had set myself a modest goal to get 5 prizes today and in fact now have ten. Does that mean I can let myself off the hook tomorrow?  Not likely.  With 250 prizes to get in (and soon) there can be no let up in the asking nicely process.  I am also still trying to figure out a way to get sponsors for all or part of events.  Totally new process to me and I am determined to get at least one this year.

Time off is going to be tricky in the next few months – this is a massive undertaking – both the actual build and the fundraising for it, and it must be right.  We are both adamant about that.  I saw a perfect quote (I love my quotes) yesterday.

me at my 'night' desk

at my ‘night’ desk

“Create a life you don’t need a vacation from”.
I like that.
I think I have that.

A day in the life of………

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To give you a flavour of today (typical of any day at the ig2g office really)

I have

  • put in price requests for furniture and am trying to secure discounts for the furniture we do need to buy for the Retreat ( we have been donated lots of new furniture and fittings but in the main rooms we have a ‘look’ we want to achieve)
  • reduced my email in box from 200 emails to 33 (and I aim to reduce that further before end of the night)
  • set up login and scheduled reports for the charity’s credit card (not as easy as that sounds by the way)
  • dealt with Disclosure paperwork
  • filed (one day soon I hope not to say that word)
  • followed up on 2 event ideas – research and action
  • posted several adverts for items for sale on Gumtree and on Facebook – raising funds
  • did some trek marketing
  • paid for a couple of magazine subscriptions for the ward
  • had an e-meeting with one of our admin team
  • started the email monthly newsletter to our corporate partners
  • read and then filed trustee monthly survey questionnaires
  • researched survey company to see if is worth upgrading (I think it is) then negotiated with provider to get a charity discount
  • researched shared filing systems and whether to use one, then negotiated with the provider to get a charity discount
  • set up a campaign page on virgin money giving
  • asked virgin money giving about london marathon places
  • started the big task of requests for prizes – I need at least 250 prizes this year for all the events we have or are benefitting from  – (and as if by magic a lovely supporter rang the bell and gave me 2 fabulous prizes for Blingo.)(Please could that  happen more often!)
  • posted on social media – instagram, facebook and twitter
  • started plans to do a video this week on fundraising for our trekkers
  • oh and I also made the dinner (don’t do that so often nowadays – ever since I was going through chemo my OH has kindly taken on that role but he has been even busier than me with Ripple Retreat today and so I offered.  It’s turkey, sweet potato mash, and broccoli with gravy since you ask)

hamper hamper2



Dolly Mixture day!

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What a dolly mixture kind of day!

I am not quite all work and no play – though it sometimes seems to my nearest and dearest that is the case!   We manage a 45 minute swim several times a week and love it especially if we get the pool to ourselves.

Anyway, today included said swim and it was lovely.

We worked on our Ripple Retreat filing and I had some calls to make regarding furniture we have ordered for the family room – I ordered a coffee table last week, paid for it right away, then the next day I get an email from the company saying payment is incomplete.  I check the bank, nope it has been paid and try to call them but they are closed for the holidays.  So I had to sort it out today – turns out it was an automated reply I got and they were sorry. Grrrrr.

Some of our regular supporters rallied round the other day when I mentioned wanting to get white china from M&S (to match china donated last year) and so I have also been trying to get a wee discount to get best value.

Taking the car up the motorway every week to the Retreat meant it was filthy so as the sun was shining today we got it washed ready for the New Year and while I helped a bit with that I was in the garage fixing our storage boxes ready to take to the secure storage unit that Broughton Removals have kindly given to us. (we have had many donations over the christmas period for the Ripple Retreat)

What else today?


Oh yes, I met up with a new supporter Hailey – she is going to become a new Ambassador and speak at events for us – we will be so busy this year we need all the help we can get!

I did a wee bit work on my Young Ambassadors Programme today too – I love it so much and want to improve it year on year.  I have lots of ideas on my list for the YA’s. They are growing in confidence and need stretched more.

Ian Pirrie of Edinburgh School of Food and Wine has made an offer I cannot refuse – it means organising another event but I need the money and love organising events so of course I said yes.   So, I started work on that – I need to get 6 celebrities to come on board.

I do these blog posts late evening but I don’t mind admitting that I get so frustrated trying to load photos.  Error messages ping at me constantly.  The sooner we get the website sorted the better.

I will never make a professional blogger but really want to just give you the flavour of what it’s like to run this wee charity and prepare for the last few months of building our Ripple Retreat.

Christmas Afternoon Tea 2017

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What?      Christmas Afternoon Tea

When?     Sunday 10 December 2017
                 2-4pm Afternoon Tea
1-2pm for pop up shopping

Where?   Waldorf Astoria – The Caledonian Hotel, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Join us for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon – enjoy what I think is the finest afternoon tea in the city with a glass or two of  Prosecco.  Lots of chat, and some entertainment

All the while fundraising for a small volunteer led charity – Our Young Ambassadors will be helping our event team.

Superb value at £35 per person.

We can take bookings of any number from 2 to 30 but we will be seating guests at tables of 10 – a good way to make new friends if you have less than 10 in your booking.

This is an incredibly popular event of ours and will sell out fast so I recommend reserving your place soon.

payment in full by 31 August required

To make your reservation contact

Payment can be made by BACS, cheque, credit card or cash.

It’s Good 2 Give Ball 2017

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What?  Our 2017 Ball organised by Lynne and Ian McNicoll and hosted by the fabulous Grant Stott

When?  Saturday 25 November 2017 7pm till 1am

Where?  The Sheraton Grand Hotel, Festival Square, Edinburgh

Cost?  £800 for a table of 10, payable in 3 instalments – £200 on booking, £300 by 31 March 2017 and £300 by 15 September 2017

Tell me more…..

This is our 5th Ball and we want to make it special.   Special for our guests, our amazing supporters.

Of course it is a fundraiser but the main objective of the event is for you to have fun with your friends.

You will be welcomed with a reception drink of prosecco and that will be followed by that with a 3 course meal and a cheeseboard at the end of dinner to let you and your guests keep your strength up for all the dancing you will do!

Because there will be lots of dancing time – no silent auction to distract.  We will have a couple of items only for our wonderful host, Grant to auction later in the evening but that will be all auction wise.

There will be two raffles – a star raffle with an amazing prize and a regular raffle with very lovely prizes.

We take our wishing tree to every event and if there are guests who want to donate to our charity and know where their money is going this is a good option  – they can choose a tag – eg paying for a family of a young cancer patient to stay in the Retreat for a week £750, paying for a welcome hamper for a family staying at the Retreat £100, paying for an ironing voucher for a family in the Sick Kids hospital £40 – these are just a few examples.

We want to celebrate your support of our Ripple Retreat and our projects at the new Sick Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh which is due to open in Spring 2018.

We aren’t paid fundraisers and have no office costs and we are very happy to work our socks off to make this event very special.  We will raise money at it but more importantly we will build on relationships we already have or start new ones if you are new to It’s Good 2 Give!

Come join the fun – to reserve your table, please email lynne ( at )





Hobbs fashion event

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Calling all fashionistas and shopping aficionados! We are throwing an exclusive event in the beautiful Hobbs store on George Street to raise money to buy 100 comfy chairs for parents at the new Sick Kids Hospital (opening next year).
Guests will view the latest fashion from Hobbs, modelled by It’s Good 2 Give VIPs, whilst sipping on prosecco, sampling tasty nibbles and enjoying a huge 20% discount on full price purchases! They will also be in with a chance of winning some wonderful raffle prizes, including a £100 Hobbs Voucher and two gorgeous Hobbs handbags.

Tickets are only £10 with ALL money going to Its Good 2 Give!
Contact Shonagh Byrne, our Events Co-ordinator on to book your space at this wonderful event.

Date of Event – Wednesday 14 September 2016

Time of Event – 6-8pm

Cost – £10 per person payable on booking

Venue – Hobbs store, 47 George Street, Edinburgh

IG2G Hobbs FS 2015 HR026