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Ripple Retreat Pier

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We enjoyed a lovely day at the Retreat yesterday as we officially opened the Pier.

Last year Cathal Morgan (architect in Tony Kettle’s practice and our day to day architect for the Retreat) designed a pier that complemented the Retreat perfectly.  We got planning consent and then we were introduced to the lovely folks at the Wooden Spoon Charity and after consideration they agreed to fund the Pier.  What we didn’t know at the time was that our estimate was way off base!

However, we met up with the folks from George Leslie, a contractor more used to building huge piers.  They said that they would love to build our pier and it was to be the smallest they had built and that the funding we had in place from the Wooden Spoon charity would be fine. (I think they have called it a cost-minus project though also acknowledge how rewarding it was to support us).

It was a massive construction job – we had a huge crane (if you know the site, you can imagine how tricky it was to get the crane to the site) and some days the weather was kinder than others but the guys kept going.

The curved end of the pier – the shelter – was funded by a private donation and that is made of glulam beams- made in Austria because no one in the UK was able to bend the beams to the curve required.

It really is a beautiful pier and allows families the chance to sit and look down the loch enjoying the stunning views.  If they are experienced sailors and want to hire a sail boat or canoe the nearby Loch Venachar sailing club is happy to help.  And if they have no experience, the sail club is happy to offer tuition or just take the family out on the water.

Yesterday, President of the Wooden Spoon in Scotland, the rugby legend that is Gavin Hastings, officially opened the pier.  Several trustees from the Wooden Spoon came along too as did CEO of George Leslie, John McNaught and  Ross Ritchie, also from George Leslie and Tony Kettle, architect of Ripple Retreat.

We were extra lucky in that as her next race is in Newcastle,  one of our Patrons, Lynsey Sharp, was able to attend.  She had visited the Retreat when it was a muddy building site and so was blown away by its beauty now that it is finished.

The pier represents a fabulous collaboration between two charities ( us and the wonderful Wooden Spoon charity), two businesses  (George Leslie, the pier contractors and indeed several other businesses who supported them.  Glulam Solutions for the curved shelter), our incredibly talented architect team at Kettle Collective and a private donor for funding the curved shelter – we are grateful to them all for providing this stunning addition to our Ripple Retreat.  It will enhance the experience of every family who stays at Ripple Retreat.

Thanks to one of our Lead Ambassadors, Elaine Whellans for some cracking photos from the day.

Intrepid 7 climb Kilimanjaro for us

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Huge thanks to Denise Martin-Laurie leading her team of 7 undertaking the massive challenge to climb Kilimanjaro in October this year.

Denise has been a long time supporter of ours – attending several events over the years and I am so pleased that she wants to support us again.

Having tackled Kilimanjaro myself a few years back I tip my hat to them!  It is a tough climb.

All the very best to you Denise, Steven, Dave, Claire, Grant, Alison and Sandy – take it slow and steady and enjoy the views.

Their fundraising page can be found here


Meet the team

Super Supporter for July – Charlotte Gloag

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How amazing is this wee girl? She has supported us before but this time she decided she had too many soft toys and was going to sell them to raise funds for it’s good 2 give. As this wasn’t enough she made a video to accompany her advert to sell – it was fantastic!

it was also successful – she raised over £130

Total star. I reckon she is a top fundraiser of the future and meantime she is our Supporter of the Month for July

Everest Base Camp Challenge 2018

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One of our supporters, Graham Lawson, has decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime and do a trek to Everest Base Camp.   Graham has been a supporter for many years now since his daughter Tabby was diagnosed with cancer when she was 6.   Tabby is now well and one of our Young Ambassadors – an enthusiastic and successful fundraiser too!  Graham has already climbed Kilimanjaro and trekked in the Arctic for us but this is in a different league.  Everest Base Camp trek is tough.

He has even managed to persuade two others to join him on this challenge in April 2018.

Having said all that, there are still spaces if anyone is interested in joining him!   You’d have to pay your own way for the trek itself and then raise ££££ for us in addition.

If you would like to know more, get in touch with either Kae or Lynne

The photo below was when Graham was training for the Arctic Trek – you might recognise his companion!  (none other than Scottish Rugby legend, Gavin Hastings)

Graham pulling Gavin Hastings

#onemillionsteps in one month for itsgood2give

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One Million Steps in One Month

Sound tough? I think so.

However supporter Stevie McCracken didn’t think so! He downloaded an app on his phone and off he went on 1 August.

Often on his own, sometimes with company he has walked through blisters and aches but now he is almost at the end of his month (and well on target to achieve his 1 million steps) he says he is finding it easier. Go figure!

At the same time as walking he has been raising funds for us – his total is currently £1600 and rising!

We think his achievements are awesome.   Thanks Stevie so very much for doing this – and in addition helping raise awareness of it’s good 2 give.

Friday heroes

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Everyone needs a hero sometimes and I have two Friday heroes in Steven at our printers, Callprint Edinburgh and Sue in Dunbar.  Let’s start with Steven – I had an invite that needed amending and it was very difficult to do to match fonts etc – doesn’t sound like much but it was the fact he really tried to help and I said not to worry about it and I would manage.  He came back to me 30mins later to say he had done it!   He and Colin at Callprint Edinburgh are a fantastic team and really help us with design and printing – be hard to do all we do without them.

Then Sue messaged me to say she had achieved a staggering amount of support for our Opening of Retreat and the following open days with biscuits and coffee.

They both really made my day with their kindness and going the extra mile to help me.   And with the sun shining too it is a fabulous Friday!  Busy too (there’s a surprise).

Ian and I have spent several hours working on our Donor Recognition Windows – contacting supporters, adding to the list, making sure names are right.  There is a long way to go but we have made a cracking start.

I have been selling again – my sales allow me to buy items for the office so today I am delivering a couple of things I have sold, before delivering collecting cans to a business who is doing a collection for us next week, and that is before I go out for lunch with some of my team. After that I am meeting three Young Ambassadors to get them started on a project for their main event this year – the Young Ambassadors Afternoon Tea (sounds like something you should have Ferrero Rocher chocolates at, doesn’t it?).  We are busy working on it already even though the event isn’t until November – I want the YA’s to understand just how much work goes into any event and especially our events.  Small groups of YA’s will work on different aspects of the event and this group are working with me and Ambassador Rosie on the general organisation of the event.  We shall soon be selling tickets = watch this space!

After dinner I plan a couple of hours of work on the computer to update the donor list then it is time to put feet up and read some magazines.

I have loved this week and am looking forward to a cracking weekend – got a Mindfulness workshop for our YA’s on Sunday and will be paying lots of attention myself!


Thanks to Broughton Removals

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we are very lucky to have two storage units at Broughton Removals in leith.

‘Today we took dozens of smaller storage boxes to add to the units. For one awful moment I thought we were going to need a third unit but fortunately the guys helping us were seriously impressive at packing.

Suddenly our garage looks empty!

‘It’s all progress though. We got several donations today and so I added thank you cards and letters to my to do list for today. Having also done a fair bit of gardening today I’m feeling tired. Good tired. But means I’m doing a short post today.

Enjoy photos from this morning.

January Supporter of the Month

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I’m not going to tell you much about my day – suffice to say it was usual juggling way too many balls – didn’t drop any today so that was good.

What I do want to tell you about is this  – I decided at the beginning of this year that we should have a wee award for Supporter of the Month – it has turned out to be a real challenge as our supporters are truly amazing.  However, Shonagh and I talked about it at length and we both agreed that for January we felt that Eric McKinley should get the certificate.  Eric is a fabulous young supporter and he had one of our collecting boxes – as he sold toys and games he no longer used, he popped the money into the box.  As he handed it over, he didn’t even know how much he had raised and he and his mum Siri were surprised to find it was £150.   Pretty good for someone so young.  And very generous to make us the beneficiary of his sales.

On behalf of It’s Good 2 Give I am very proud to have Eric’s support and hope he continues to do such good work in the future for us or any other charity.  Well done, Eric!

Edinburgh in the freezing fog

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Our wonderful friends at Edinburgh Spotlight took some amazing photos of Edinburgh in the freezing fog on 21st January and posted their photos – they  had huge interest and our ES friends  said if anyone bought a digital photo for £10 (or more) the money would come to us.

Thank you so much Alison and team at ES.   Your support over the years is very much appreciated.


(Please note :Sales are finished for the time being)


Thank you Pentland Medical Centre

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After all my dashing about yesterday to avoid the terrible snowstorms due today – we were lucky if we saw three flakes of snow all day.  However it was good to be able to stay home most of the day doing admin.  Two lots of furniture arrived for our Retreat – dining chairs and a toy box.  I got plenty exercise opening the boxes and checking all the items and putting them back.  They are lovely though!

At lunchtime Ian and I popped over to Pentland Medical Centre because they had raised £310 for us and we wanted to do a wee photo with the Practice Manager and some of the team who organised the fundraising. Then it was back home to send the photo to the Evening News community page.

Two days out of the office meant there were a lot of emails to deal with – I did pretty well answering as many as possible and had some calls to make too.  Tonight I was going to do some invites to our official opening but my night computer has decided it needs a rest or has the lurgy.  I have asked our IT doc to come see it tomorrow.  It has to be back at full pelt by the weekend as there is lots to get on with.  I feel so very very fortunate to be so busy.

When I was going through chemo all I longed for (more than almost anything else – well except for my cup of tea tasting nice again) was an ordinary busy day and I was given that gift and I shall never forget how lucky I am to have it.

This evening’s frightful task was to secure Dropbox for business – we had a very unpleasant experience with them a couple of years ago so I was apprehensive.  However it has gone well so far (she says, touching wood) and will mean an even better filing system for us.  It did take me two hours though.  It is now 9pm and even if I wanted to I would be downing tools or Ian would be giving me a row.

Meet the lovely team from Pentland today

from left to right

Ruth Davies, (Paul’s mum), Pauline Hutton, (practice manager) me and Sharon Kane