Christmas Cards 2013 Meet the artists part 1

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You know how I told you  how proud I was that our christmas cards are designed exclusively for us?  Well, I thought it might be nice if I introduced you to the artists and designers themselves.

First up, meet Tabby.

Tabby is now 8 years old.  She is in year 4 of Junior School.  IMG_8837

Here she is proudly holding the Christmas card she designed for us.

I used to love the Johnny Boden adverts so taking a leaf out his book – here is some info on Tabby!

Tabby’s best friend is Danielle.

Her favourite colours are blue and purple.

She loves the smell of wet washing!

Chocolate cake is her favourite pudding.

She adores cuddly toys (caught sight of our It’s Good 2 Give Merrythought teddy bears and wanted one on the spot)

She and I have something in common – we’d both love a puppy – in my case my husband is resisting and in hers her mum is – I have an idea who might win the race to get one though.  (and it’s not me……)

Oh, and she is in year 3 of treatment for cancer.

Quite a girl, our young friend Tabby.

(If you would like to buy the christmas cards that Tabby has designed for us – get in touch).









This is what her dad said

“just before Christmas 2011, my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia. Our whole comfortable world was turned up-side down. The Doctors and nurses of Wd2 at the Sick Kids were terrific – professional, caring and compassionate. However it is the practical, often unseen, help and support of “It’s good 2 Give” and its extended “family” that makes it a wonderful charity.cont) So that is why we really want to give something back. We all have our personal mountains to climb. Kilimanjaro was hard – but pales into insignificance when compared to the mountain that children with cancer have to face. My daughter has another 6 months of chemotherapy to go and she inspired me every step to the top.

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