Christmas Cards 2013 – Meet the Designers

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Last but far from least – meet Kate  Holliday.

I first met Kate when she was working at a luxury stationery store in Edinburgh a few  years ago.  She offered to design me a christmas card and I loved it.

It is about friendship and support and each year our little girl, little boy, their dog, cat and the little wren do something different.  This year I asked Kate to include a toy bus to represent ‘our’ bus.   The result is spectacular.

As you know by now, I asked all our designers a few questions and  Kate’s answers are below.

I wanted  you to meet our designers properly because I am so proud of us getting support from people we know, and  having the cards printed here in Scotland (Perth to be exact) and wrapped and packed here in Edinburgh.

Shop local is something I support and so it seems ok to me to ask you to support us too!

Kate Holliday

“My best friend is a wonderful girl who I call Jim. We’ve been great chums for 12 years. Thanks Jim.

My favourite colour, or colours rather, are a red’dy orange and teal.

My favourite smells. Hard to choose, but off the top of my head……bread baking, cardamom and the smell of the outdoors after a good dose of rain.

Favourite puddings……hot sticky toffee pudding with cold vanilla ice-cream or just a simple bowl of fresh raspberries. Can’t think of many puddings I dislike though!

Something I would love…….I would love to travel north to see the Aurora Borealis. I hope to do this soon!”

check out Kate’s website here.

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