Like the idea of It’s Good 2 Give? Maybe you’ve been to one of our events. Please consider becoming a fundraiser or volunteer.


It’s Good 2 Give is a volunteer led organisation. In addition, our accountant, PR support,  graphic designers all donate their time too. We need people like you to help us  help young cancer and their families in Scotland. There are lots of ways you can help.


Become one of the Ripple Retreat volunteer gardeners

We need a team of gardeners willing to do weeding and tidying all year round at our Ripple Retreat –
experience is necessary and we have to consider our guests so the gardening can only be done on changeover day – Fridays will be the days for gardening!

Donate your skills to It’s Good 2 Give!

Perhaps you are a graphic designer – we are always in need of help with design of leaflets and flyers.  Maybe you are a printing firm who can donate some print time to us. Maybe you are a videographer who can donate time to make some films for us.


£1000 Pledge

We are looking for 100 individuals/couples/teams to raise £1000 in a 12month period

Pound Pics

Fantastic challenge for all ages  – include a £1 coin to  a postcard drawing – read more here

Smarties Tube Challenge

Save 20p pieces in an empty smartie tube for us


We aim to raise £250,000 this year and we need your help


Fundraising ideas

Easy Fundraising

Clothing and textiles recycling

80% of clothing thrown away in the UK can be reused, because the quality is so high. Some companies give a price per bag while others pay by weight. The more you collect, the more you earn. Items accepted vary between companies, but many take shoes, handbags and children’s toys as well as clothing.

The collecting companies should provide all the necessary resources, and don’t worry about storage space – just arrange for donations to be delivered the same day as the recycler collects. This way the clothes can be loaded straight into the collecting company’s van, rather than building up in your house or workplace.

Many companies offer resources, including posters and letters for you to download, print and distribute as well as collection bags.

The company we partner with is

TIP:  You will have more success if you run a campaign in spring or autumn, when people are changing from summer to winter clothes or vice versa.

Printer cartridges recycling

You can raise around £1 per recyclable cartridge – some companies pay a flat rate, others have a price list showing all the cartridges they accept.

Apart from publicising the idea, all you need to do is collect the cartridges. A large cardboard box or plastic dustbin is the ideal collection bank. Be aware that some designs of cartridge can leak residual ink, even after the printer has decided they are empty. Make sure any collection bin is capable of containing such leaks.

Many companies will supply you with a recycle bin and charity starter pack, posters to display in and around your charity and offices – we use Recycle4Charity and they can provide recycling envelopes and boxes.

TIP: Could local businesses support your cause? They could display a recyling bin in their offices to collect on your behalf.

CD and DVD recycling

Music Magpie is a website that offers money for used CD’s and DVD’s – easy to do.


A-Z ideas


Art – try our Pound Pics challenge – take a postcard and put a picture of anything you like on it so long as it has a (real) £1 coin attached to it!
Art Attack – run an art competition for pupils to create artwork based around a fun theme
Auction of Promises – ask local businesses or friends to donate their services for you to auction off – anything from carwashing to mowing the lawn or cooking up a curry.
Afternoon tea – these can have lots of themes – eg, fashion, literary, art


Bring and buy sale

Book sale

Battle of the bands

Bingo or Blingo


Bungee Jump


Cake sale

Carol singing

Coin trail – Trustee Elaine once did this with 50p pieces round the square in Duns – raised hundreds of pounds.

Car washing

Car Boot Sale



Design and sell items depending on the time of year – calendars, Christmas cards, Mother/Father’s day cards, or Easter cards are all great ideas

Disney day – a magical twist to your usual dress down day. Ask pupils to pay a set donation to dress up as their favorite Disney character for the day


Easter egg hunt – Hide chocolate treats around the school/home/work and set hints and clues


Fancy dress – works at schools and offices – ask all the pupils/teachers/colleagues to dress up as their favourite character for a day and pay £1 for the privilege

Fun day


Film Show at local cinema – the Dominion in Morningside, Edinburgh are always up for hiring out the cinema for a private screening for a modest cost

Fashion show

Fun run


Guess the number – this could be everything from sweets in a jar to balloons in a car – charge 20p, 50p or £1 to enter depending on the prize

Games day

Garden Party

Gift wrapping – organise a gift wrapping station at work or school around Christmas time.


Halloween – party/fancy dress/quiz – anything ‘scary-themed’


It’s A Knockout – embrace some 70s TV nostalgia and set up your own wet and wacky obstacle course

Indoor Games


Jumble sale

Jokes – Ask each pupil to bring in their favourite joke and a £1 or £2 donation and hold a class or assembly dedicate to joke telling





Lunch –  why not choose a theme with your class or invite a chef from a local restaurant to cook and the pupils make a set donation for this extra special scrumptious treat


Mufti (dress down ) day – tried, tested, and loved by pupils everywhere! Ask pupils to pay a set donation (£1 or £2 each) to wear their own clothes to school

Magic show – Invite a magician to the school or ask budding magicians in your school to get together and hold a magic show

Music show/concert/practice – This could be an existing concert, asking musical pupils to play in a gig or getting sponsored to practice their musical instruments.

Murder Mystery Evening


Non uniform day

Nearly New Sale

Name the Teddy or doll


Olympics themed fun day – get excited about the Olympics all over again by holding your own version – you could even split pupils into teams and give them names of countries



Pyjama day – Ideal for nurseries and younger pupils but fun for everyone, ask pupils to come to school in their favourite pyjamas with a donation in hand


Pet Show

Parachute jump

Plant Sale

Poets corner – run a writing competition for all of those budding poets in you school


Quizzes –



Raffle – Exactly what it says on the tin – you could source prizes from local businesses and/or parents and sell tickets

Recycling – Donate your school’s/office/home used printer cartridges to us, and for every cartridge successfully recycled and reused we get money.

Rugby – Hold a collection at a match

Retiring collection


Sponsored –  Walk, swim, run, sing, dance, skip, or sit in a bath of beans –  and ask for sponsorship while doing so

Sports day – Tie in your fundraiser with an existing sports day to make it as easy as possible.
Sponsored silence – challenge pupils to stay quiet

Sponge throw! – Ask pupils to donate in return for getting to launch soapy sponges at you and your fellow teachers. Best done on a sunny day


Talent contest

Tennis tournament



Textile banks –we work with Clothes4Charity who will send bags to fill with clothes and then collect again once you have filled them up.


Uniform day for teachers

Unwanted gift sale


Variety show



Who’s that Baby? Competition
Window cleaning
Wine tasting


X-Factor singing competition

Xmas card recycling


Yoga – get your pupils involved in a fun keep fit class


Zzzzz  – Hold a sponsored sleepover at school. To make this event even bigger you could join up with other local schools and hold one big sleepover





Bagpackers/gift wrappers

If you are able to give us a few hours once or twice a year perhaps you could put your name down for bagpacking or gift wrapping (bagpacking is all year; gift wrapping just in December).

We’d love to hear from you if you could organise a bagpacking day or take on the task of coordinating a week of gift wrapping (this is a fairly big role – organising the rota for gift wrapping isn’t an easy one).