Grand Canyon Trek 2017

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4th – 11th October 2017

When the first European explorers came to the edge of the Grand Canyon on their search for El Dorado, in 1540, they literally had no idea what they saw. The visual vocabulary for a gorge a mile deep, six miles wide and 277 miles long was simply not available; the distances were deceptive, the scale unimaginable.

On this challenge you descend into one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the heart of the Grand Canyon at Havasu Canyon, where we will hike and explore this incredible landscape, crossing travertine pools of turquoise blue, spending evenings under the stars camping.

Some say you haven’t lived until you’ve taken a journey through the Grand Canyon. This challenging adventure will leave you with a sense of accomplishment, awe and a true appreciation and love of the grandest place on earth.

We ask participants to pay their own way and in addition to raise a minimum of £1500 for it’s good 2 give. The personal costs are likely to  around £2200

That is what we ask of you but what do we give you?

Well, first of all, the knowledge that your fundraising helps our charity support young cancer patients and their families.  We organise get togethers – social, informative and the occasional training walk.  We have a private Facebook group page where trekkers can chat with each other sharing ideas and get to know each other a little bit before the actual trek.

For more information please contact

Our trek provider is Ultimate Challenges – you can read more about our trek here.



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