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Please welcome our guest blogger for today – the lovely and talented Rebecca Hearne (if you are on twitter you can follow her here)


I have lived in Edinburgh, off and on, for nine years now, but I have to confess I’ve rarely gotten involved in Edinburgh events outside of university, or the book trade (in which I now work). I am also lucky enough never to have had a close family member affected by cancer. It’s Good 2 Give has become important to me, though, for a few reasons:


1) I get to feel that I am, in a small way, contributing to Edinburgh’s community in a way that I haven’t done before. I love the fact that It’s Good 2 Give does both little and big things, from snacks and phone chargers, to fundraising for its long-term goal of building a respite house. I love that Lynne has decided on those goals because she has asked cancer patients and their families what they need: she’s not just swooping in, deciding what’s best for everyone, she’s responding to them. I love that every penny donated goes to an It’s Good 2 Give project, not admin costs.


2) Lynne tries to match tasks with the volunteer’s skills. I have been doing writing, editing and design for It’s Good 2 Give, because that’s what I enjoy and that’s what I’m best at. I really appreciate she hasn’t asked me to help at a Fashion Show, for example, because my sense of balance is…not good, and I can’t do anyone’s make up apart from my own. (See: the time I accidently tripped over a pregnant woman, and when I lent a friend foundation that was not her colour.)


3) It’s Good 2 Give has events that are fun! I have been to a Blingo evening, and not only did I have a scrumptious meal and drink a lot of bubbly, but I met some lovely people, and learnt about some wonderful independent designers and shops. (I also learnt that I am terrible at bingo, but I’ll concede that’s probably not Lynne’s fault….) The best part was that I was enjoying myself, whilst helping to raise money for something I believe is important.


I’m very aware that I’m writing this at the end of a simultaneously horrifying and hopeful week in this country. Horrifying for obvious reasons, but hopeful because a lot of people, myself included, have realised that we are only as strong as the communities we live in. It may not be my friend or family member who’s been affected by cancer, but I live in Edinburgh, and in Scotland, just like people in the Sick Kids Hospital. It’s a great pleasure to be involved in It’s Good 2 Give –

Lynne’s infectious vision is hard to resist!


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