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We like trying new ideas out.

I read the book entitled The Christmas Cookie Club and was hooked on the idea.  I love the social aspect to it and definitely the community aspect.

So I have set up the first Christmas Cookie Club and we will hold our meeting on 16 December at my home.

Then I thought – maybe others would like to do something similar.

Here then are the ‘rules’ if you want to join!

  1. Maximum 12 members in each group.
  2. Make 13 batches cookies or traybakes (or one extra than the number in your group)
  3. In each batch there must be six cookies/slices traybake-suitable for storing/freezing for a couple of weeks (we want to be able to give as christmas/new year gifts)
  4. They can be different flavours
  5. The packaging should be creative!     No paper plates or plain bags for us
  6. At least one of the recipes you use should have a story attached (mine, for example, is that it is a family recipe handed down the generations)
  7. The extra portions will be sold to raise funds for It’s Good 2 Give (you do this – perhaps at work, school or to neighbours, friends)
  8. If you are having refreshments, the host will provide tea/coffee and all members share the provision of other food and drink but host decides who brings what.
  9. Event should be held late November or early December.
  10. let us know you have set up your own group, send us photos from the event and donate the proceeds of your sale of the extra portions via our Christmas Cookie Club page on Virginmoney giving.

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