Recycle 4 It’s Good 2 Give!

Posted by | August 10, 2011 | General | One Comment

Donate your empty inkjets and old mobile phones and help us raise cash.  We have envelopes to post your cartridges or mobile phones – please ask and we can post out to you or deliver.

for each inkjet cartridge we get £1  and for each mobile phone we can get up to £30 donated!  Maybe you could take some into your office or school?

Exclusions apply –

no Epson inkjets (sadly, one of the printers that It’s Good 2 Give has in its office)

no laser or toner cartridge

One Comment

  • Lynne McIntosh says:

    Please send me the phone and ink cartridge bags x10 if possible.
    Happy to donate this way!
    Thanks Lynne

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