Ripple Retreat nature watch!

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Ripple Retreat nature notes

Because Ian and I have been staying here often over past few weeks or arriving early morning we have been lucky enough to see all sorts of creatures.
Bats late at night which is wonderful as they eat midges and of those there are plenty. (though we are also purchasing midge eating machines to deal with those on a longer term basis)
A brown owl – sadly we saw this because it hit one of the windows – don’t worry it was fine – stunned but got up and flew away after an hour’s rest.
The fabulous bird feeder station has meant we get siskins, finches, sparrows, blue tits, wagtails and a gorgeous woodpecker. Oh and recently also a jay – very pretty but also very greedy.
Our neighbour says we have red squirrels but they are avoiding me so far – it is my goal to see one before the year is out!
Today I saw the tiniest frog ever in our burn. Barely bigger than a finger nail.
So there is plenty to watch and we have the kit to watch it – lovely binoculars bought for us by our friends The McPhersons.
Good enough to see the fish jump out of the water! That is fun to watch and impossible (for me) to photograph.



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