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The It’s Good 2 Give Lothian Bus

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IMG_7351What a wonderful day!

When we arrived at the Annandale Street garage the bus was sort of hidden away near the Bus Wash.  I spotted it right away.  I was astonished to find how emotional I got when I saw it. Little Victoria, whose face is on the bus, just loved it!  As did her little brother, James.  When he saw it he said it was Tory’s bus which I thought was really sweet.  Staff at lothian Buses were very kind to us all – took us through the Bus Wash (twice) and gave the wee ones a gift.

Last Saturday Ian and I went along to Castle Street to see the new hybrid buses – really fantastic. Even better we were able to meet up with Lothian Buses MD, Ian Craig.  All of us at It’s Good 2 Give are looking forward to this coming year working with Lothian Buses.

I have yet to see ‘our’ bus in service – can hardly wait – it really is spectacular.   Our very grateful thanks to Lothian Buses and to Victoria (and her parents) for being the face of It’s Good 2 Give.

In fact if you see it this weekend and tweet a photo – Lothian Buses will give a wee prize to the best ‘spotting’ of ‘our’ bus.


Craigie’s Farm Family Fun Weekend

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Our newest charity partner, Craigie’s Farm, hosted a family fun weekend – and the sun even came out a little bit!   What  a great place to visit – something for everyone and a lovely cafe too.

Charity of the Year at Craigies Farm

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Fantastic news today – we have been chosen as Charity of the Year at the wonderful Craigie’s Farm.

Several of our supporters had been in touch with me a couple of months ago to apply (I am a regular there but hadn’t seen the information about applying!) and this morning John Sinclair called to give me the great news.

Thank you to all those supporters who passed on the information and thank you very much to John Sinclair at Craigie’s – we are DELIGHTED to be your Charity of the Year.

Hard Rock Cafe, Edinburgh

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So, I was just sitting thinking one day last week wondering how to encourage others to join us in our fundraising – The target this year is to raise £200,000 – there, I have said it out loud and on paper as it were.  I have to do it now.  Somehow.   Anyway as I was saying, I was sitting thinking using the diminishing grey cells to think of ways of getting companies on board (We’d like to be charity of the year at ten companies/businesses by end 2011), of how to get schools and individuals to help us when I heard the ping of an email – like many computer addicts when an email comes in I like to know so I can immediately rush to the computer (indeed often being right there in front of it and therefore not having to go anywhere at all) to see who it’s from – I mean it might be the National Lottery saying get in touch soon please Mrs McN or if I was like our friend Gail Burns, it would be hey you’ve won a(nother) prize – that girl is quite simply astounding at winning prizes.  Anyway I digress.  Ping on computer – check email and it’s from Lesley at Hard Rock Cafe in Edinburgh where we are Charity of the Year – she is telling me about a fantastic event on 23 March at 7pm – tickets only £15 each and the incredible Red Hot Chilli Pipers are playing.  Even better, It’s Good 2 Give is going to get a donation from this event. Now, readers, if you have yet to see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers this is a great opportunity – they are amazing.  I adore the pipes but this is modern and amazing (and yes loud).  I reckon it will be a superb night out and I urge you to consider coming along.  I’m going for sure.  Tickets are available from Hard Rock Cafe, Edinburgh – click on the link and you will effortlessly be taken there!

Thank you to Hard Rock Edinburgh for helping make my dreams come true! I might have to sit and contemplate more often in front of the pc and maybe more money laden emails will come through.

and today’s quote, again from my favourite Dr Seuss –

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!”