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Caroline’s Fundraising Fun

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There’s nothing better than a get together with friends – apart from, that is, a get together that doubles as a fundraiser!

Caroline Cowan held a ladies night at Colinton Bowling Club and raised a huge £900 for It’s Good 2 Give. The festivities included dancing, fun photos (see below) and a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses. From what we’ve heard, a good time was had by all – and all for a good cause!

Caroline was a good friend of Paul Davies and is taking part in Pedal 4 Paul on the 11th September. She has told us how much she is looking forward to the event and wants as many people as possible to get involved! We are still building our Pedal 4 Paul team and it’s not too late to take part. If you, or any budding cyclists you know, are interested then you can find more information here:

Thank you to Caroline, and to everyone who attended, for their wonderful donation and also for showing how fundraising can (and should) be fun!



Spring Blingo 2016

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Nothing quite like it.
It’s Good 2 Give Bingo, dinner, wine and fun – what’s not to like?

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of me starting fundraising for young cancer patients (and my 60th birthday) so this Blingo event is going to be super special!

Venue – Roxburghe Hotel, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

Thursday 12 May 2016
6.45pm till 11.30pm

£650 for table of ten – inc reception drink, 3 course meal with half bottle wine and tea/coffee. 3 games bingo with terrific prizes

Hosted by the one and only Grant Stott and Tonya Macari!

if you want to come along contact


Regular Giving – our Givers Club

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You’re getting to know me now I hope.

And no doubt about it, since my own cancer diagnosis in January I have become even bolder in begging.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You ignore me?  Say no?  I can deal with that and understand!

And the best that can happen?   I have seen even more support from you all and I appreciate that almost beyond measure.   I understand a bit better what it is like to endure the treatments – I am hating chemotherapy and think often of the children and teens getting it.  Losing great walloping chunks of their childhood.  I’m losing a few months – in fact I’m not even doing that as I can stay in touch with family and friends via social media, phones and a few visitors to my home.  Whether they are 2 or 16 the months (and sometimes years) they lose can have a big impact on their lives.

That brings me to asking for your help to get us more Regular Givers – we have a Givers Club – it’s a very elite club at the moment with barely ten members.  Ten very special members who donate every single month – £5 or £10 and in the case of our Charity Business partner, Timberbush Tours a variable amount each month but always in excess of £100

Our future will be easier if we can persuade more people to donate regularly – a £5 monthly donation is £60 each year and if it can be gift aided we get an extra £15 on top of that.

You know I like a challenge.  Well, here it comes.  (I really really need your help with this one to tell friends, family, colleagues, even persuade your workplace to make a regular donation)

Help me get 100 Givers by the end of 2015.

How do they sign up?

They email me on and I send them a standing order form and a gift aid form.

Our promise to you – we will only ever show you gratitude for donating regularly – there will be no calls or emails asking you to increase the amount.


The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh

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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis has to be our favourite venue – it is central, easy to get to, good sized room (though we could do with it bigger and I do beg them to ditch the horse paintings in the main function room!) but most important of all we have a cracking relationship with GM Marcello Ventesei and his team.  We love our Blingo events there and in fact May sees our 10th Blingo event at the hotel.  Can’t wait.

Marcello also ensures our Young Ambassadors Club is well looked after too – we have a room in the hotel once a month to meet for our workshops.


In addition to all that they raise funds for us!  funds were raised by Christmas party goers at
the Roxburghe through donations and the hotel raffling prizes at each
party night. This years Christmas parties are now available for booking
and the Roxburghe has pledged the same support for both charities in

Trustee Louise Caithness went along to collect the cheque from their Christmas fundraising – we share it with Cash for Kids.

Which turns out well for the photo as you can see Rachel from Cash for Kids on the left then Grant Stott (multi-tasking – Trustee of Cash for Kids and Patron of it’s good 2 give!) and then Louise, our trustee and on the right is the wonderful Marcello Ventesei, GM of the Roxburghe.

Thank you so much to Marcello and his team for supporting us so well


It’s good 2 give Arctic Trek 2015

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Well, they’ve done it.  It’s over. Finally, they are all almost home (Chief of Clan MacLennan is still enroute home to Inverness as I type).

I have heard a few rave reviews of the trek – it was, of course, challenging not least because the weather on day one was atrocious – worst the trek leaders had seen themselves.  They all battled on to end the day at campsite attempting to dry out themselves and their kit.

Days 2 and 3 brought beautiful blue skies and low temperatures and long miles.  And the treat of a stay in the Icehotel – glasses and plates at dinner made from ice! An aurora alarm to wake them from their slumbers to witness the Northern Lights.

The Chief of Clan MacLennan, Ruairidh piped them out and piped them home – I was amazed he had the puff left after the tough trek!

The only blip, and it’s a big one, was that the airline used let them down big time. Finnair – I think it is fair to say that not one of the trekkers would recommend them – one has even penned a poem about them – it’s not complimentary!  To be delayed by 7 hours on the outward trip was bad enough but to find themselves on the end of a similar delay on the way home is inexcusable.  (baggage handlers damaged the plane as they were loading luggage on).  We will help the trekkers claim compensation and be asking for a donation to their fundraising for us.

Talking of fundraising – this incredible team have raised a staggering £126k for it’s good 2 give and there are two further pledges of £18k still to be donated.  That is actually awesome amount of money to raise and we are understandably grateful and very very proud of them all.

Today, one of our trekkers was with Ian at a meeting discussing our next trek – Great Wall of China 2016!   There’s no stopping us.

Here are just a tiny selection of photos – well done to Lee and Garry from Breaking Strain Events for organising this unusual and challenging adventure.  We look forward to working with them again in the future.

I highly recommend you watching this video of the trek – looks amazing and I love the rousing welcome at the end by Clan Chief Maclennan.  Gave me goosebumps

Arctic Trek news

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Our 22 Arctic trekkers are training hard – fundraising hard too.

They have held several events and promoted their online giving pages actively – total raised so far is in excess of £40,000 which is just superb for us.

This afternoon (weather permitting) I am going to one of their events – an afternoon tea – funny how I always seem to gravitate towards the afternoon tea events……

You can see from the photos below they are having some fun!

Their next training walk is a ‘walking in the dark with a head torch’ walk – in the Pentlands.  Glad I am busy that night. My role will be important as I plan to make them soup to warm them up!

Because they are pulling their own pulks (sledges) with all their kit on – some of them have been practicing pulling a tyre along the beach.

That’s dedication for you!

Well done, Team It’s good 2 give Arctic Adventurers.

Sandra Finlayson flying high

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I tell you what – we know some pretty amazing folks.

Let me tell you about Sandra – a lovely mum who lost her little girl Summer to cancer.

Sandra said, “I did the skydive in memory of My super awesome girl Summer Georgia Dakota Finlayson and thought I’d help to give something back to help & support such a wonderful charity/cause it’s good to give really do make a difference”

Sandra decided to do fundraising for a number of charities close to her heart.  For her fundraising for It’s Good 2 Give she chose what I think is one of the scariest challenges ever.  To skydive.

I cannot imagine doing this challenge ever as am really scared of heights but she totally went for it.

What’s more – she has raised over £1000 for us.  Thank you Sandra – we do appreciate and will put those funds to good use.

UPDATE ON 16 DECEMBER – Sandra gave us collecting cans she has had for a few weeks and we were stunned when we opened them – in 3 cans there was £408.03!  (We would normally expect to see around £50 in 3 cans).  So Sandra has raised over £1500 for It’s Good 2 Give and we thank her for it very much.



Introducing new Patron

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With great pleasure I introduce to you our newest Patron and in another post coming soon will introduce you to our newest Ambassador.

Making up the Dream Team for 2015 – the year of the Ripple Retreat.

Welcome to Peter Capaldi.

Peter Capaldi Headshot

Fabulous actor – well known currently as Dr Who but also in roles such as spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, and as director, writer and presenter.  So we feel very fortunate that Peter has agreed to join our team to help us create our Ripple Retreat.

How did we get him on board?

Well, earlier last  week you may remember I was at a very special afternoon tea event with the grannies and their friends of Millie McLean.  Millie lost her fight with cancer last month, aged just 16.  I was lucky enough to meet Millie and her family often over the past year or so and their fundraising has been incredible.  They have raised many thousands of pounds for us and we all expected and hoped that Millie would win her fight.  She rooted on her dad in his fundraising – with a team from his work he ran a half marathon in 2013 and this year he cycled from Glasgow to Edinburgh with one of his sons and a couple of friends and Millie was there at the end cheering them on.  She was looking forward to taking part in our fashion show this year but sadly wasn’t well enough to do so.  Friends of the family took one of her stunning paintings of a poppy and had it put onto a shopping bag and sold a great deal of them raising over £800 for us. That was the cheque I was presented with on Monday at one of the best cheque presentations ever – a fabulous afternoon tea! I even got a doggy bag and enjoyed a meringue for my after dinner treat.  Her grannies and their friends and other family friends are taking part in the Kiltwalk on 3 May to raise more funds for us.

Millie and her family love the Ripple Retreat design and she would have been part of our focus group when it came to talking about fit out of the Retreat.  In her place  we are hoping her brother Roddy will join that group and it is our intention to name one of the rooms or areas in the house after Millie. We will involve mum, dad, Roddy, Alexander and the grannies in the decision on which room or area would be best suited.

On a trip to London between treatments the Mcleans were introduced to Peter by Millie’s Uncle David.  Over hot chocolate Peter regaled the family with tales of his acting life. Millie’s condition deteriorated preventing her from going on any more trips however she kept in touch with Peter as promised. Two weeks ago he told her Uncle David he would like to help us with our plans to create the Ripple Retreat in 2015 and I asked him if he would consider becoming a Patron of the charity to which he readily agreed.

And here we are letting you know now.

Our thanks to Peter for supporting our plans and we look forward to working with him and our Dream Team of Patrons, Ambassadors, Young Ambassadors and supporters to build our special Ripple Retreat in 2015 and our very special thanks to Mike, Sue, Roddy and Alexander McLean and the grannies and Uncle David for their incredible support from the time we met to the time we will all open that Retreat door later next year.

With Mike and Sue’s blessing I show you three photos of Millie, one when she met Peter earlier this year, one with me when she did a cheque handover  and one on her own.


Lothian Bus Geeks

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Yesterday I read about two guys who planned to ride every bus route on Lothian Buses service in one day.  from Bus number 113 to bus number 1.

I tweeted them and wished them luck and hoped they might be able to get on ‘our’ bus.  We had a wee bit chat back and forth and I asked my followers to consider following them.  Then my friends at Edinburgh Spotlight took up the mantle and gave them a mention.  And before you knew it, they had hundreds of followers.

I came onto the computer this morning with the intention of working hard on admin matters.  Truly, I did. I clicked on twitter to see how they were doing and again wished them well.  They had got off to a good start.

Oh, by the way their names are Chris and Neil.lothian bus geek

Off they went.  From bus to bus. And that is the way it has been all day.

But two buses in and their friend Peter (I like him a lot already) said why not have a fundraising page?  They said well if you want to do it go ahead.  And do it for the Lothian Buses Charity of the Year.   I was on twitter at the time (laughing at this as I have pretty much been on twitter all day) and gave Peter the link to virginmoneygiving and before you knew it they had a page.  It’s here if you want to donate!

And before you could say, ‘Tickets please” they had donations.

Rolling in.

and in.

Their twitter follower numbers increased rapidly – they had journalists hopping on buses with them for interviews, doing phone interviews with radio stations and STV were trying their best to catch up with them!

It hasn’t all gone according to plan.  They missed the last 20 and 15 buses but they just changed the rules (rules they had made themselves), dusted themselves down and got on with doing what they can.  Their aim remains to get on all other buses by midnight.

As I type this at 7pm they are on the 21 bus.

How much have they raised?  Well, right now the total stands at £906 and with gift aid that is £1119.  I reckon they will do £1000 PLUS gift aid.

So, unwittingly, they have become my first team to raise £1000 this year for us.  I wanted 100 pledges of £1000 and have five individuals/teams signed up but now I have our first completed team!

Many many thanks to Neil and Chris and to Peter for offering to set up the fundraising page.

Thanks to Lothian Buses of course – and for choosing us as Charity of the Year because that is why Neil and Chris chose us today!

And huge thanks to Twitter and all the people today who donated, tweeted, supported – social media at its absolute finest.

Their twitter name –  @lothianbusgeek

ours – @itsgood2give

Lothian Buses- @on_lothianbuses

Articles so far on them

Edinburgh Spotlight

Edinburgh Reporter

And STV edinburgh

Evening News