Meet our Edinburgh Kiltwalkers – Canine VIP!

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Guest post by Betty!

When somebody said ‘walkies!’ I was on it like a shot!

But this is walkies with a difference. I am taking part in the Edinburgh Kiltwalk on the 16th September for It’s Good 2 Give! with my owners, Jim and Angela.
They will be wearing their dogilicious tee shirts and I didn’t want to miss out, so Lynne sent me this lovely bandana to wear.
I will be practicing my happy face for the Kiltwalk to wow the photographers. I probably need to take a few tips from Shonagh Byrne as she always looks great smiling into camera!
I can’t wait for the It’s Good 2 Give! pitstop as I hear there are dog treats and a dog bowl 🐶🐶  and the human treats sound delicious too!
Jim and Angela are hopeful that I will persuade friends and family to donate more to our fundraising page because apparently I look far cuter than they do. You can be the judge of that, but please do donate in pounds and not dog bones as we need to help keep the brilliant Ripple Retreat running. The Ripple Retreat is a sanctuary and truly magical place for families to stay on the shores of Loch Venacher.
Please come and say hello to me if you see me next Sunday.  I would love to have a photo with the team!
We will be at the Big Stroll. See you there!
Woof woof

A birthday card a day please!

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IMG_0618 mugsI started fundraising 11 years ago this month just before my 49th birthday.

And here I am just a few days short of my 60th birthday – hard to believe really. The time has flown by.

I decided to set several challenges – two I can tell you about!

the first was to get 60 gifts for the Ripple Retreat from our John Lewis and Amazon gift lists – that worked wonderfully well!  Far in excess of 60 gifts have been bought by our wonderful supporters.

The second challenge I started just yesterday – to get a birthday card each day until my birthday – real or virtual- and to have a gift with it – not for me, you understand, but for It’s Good 2 Give

It could be the pledge of a prize – auction or raffle- for 2017 (I need 20 auction items and 250 raffle gifts), it could be that you come to an event in 2017, or take us on as Charity of the Year, or give us something for the Ripple Retreat, become a Regular Giver, pledge to be one of the celebs (or ask a celeb) for our cooking event early spring (no cooking experience required), a pack of 2nd class stamps, or a wee gift card for a supermarket or JL or Ikea or Molton Brown.

I wasn’t 100% sure this one would work but once again, our supporters are rallying round – I got a new Regular Giver, a bike to auction, two pledges of raffle prizes, one of the new plastic £5 notes and the offer of a young classical musical quartet to play at an event.

Today I had a visit from Ingrid from Bon Papillon art gallery and cafe (in Howe Street, Edinburgh) – she brought me a fabulous gift – 36 mugs for the Ripple Retreat.

Thank you Ingrid, Susie and Darlene and all the others who have donated already.  I have so much appreciation of your support.

ps my birthday is on 4 December.

My first task: Donation from Westwoods

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This morning I undertook my first official task as an It’s Good 2 Give ambassador. I was strangely apprehensive before, most likely due to my aversion to having my photo taken, or because of the worry that I would say something wrong, or forget to carry out an essential part of the task. Representing something other than just myself suddenly felt like a big responsibility.

After triple checking that I hadn’t forgotten my name badge or giant laminated cheque, I hopped in the car and headed down to Westwoods Health Club to collect £260.74 that they had raised for us through a collection box at their birthday party earlier this month. I was greeted with a warm welcome at reception, had a lovely chat with the assistant manager, Colin, and then, after a minor setback trying to track down a whiteboard marker, he handed over the donation, we got a few pictures taken (to ensure there was at least one where I wasn’t blinking) and my work there was done! It was really nothing worth worrying about.

FullSizeRender (3)



When speaking to the staff at Westwoods we found out that the money was raised in honour of Stella Anderson Scott who sadly lost her three year battle with cancer earlier this year. During her illness, Stella raised thousands of pounds for children’s cancer charities. Learning about Stella’s story really touched me, her bravery and strength is so inspiring. She managed to raise a huge amount of money in aid of other young cancer patients, all whilst fighting her own illness. If Stella can do all that whilst undergoing treatment, we all have the time and ability to do our little bit! Stories like Stella’s make me even more glad I got involved in It’s Good 2 Give and do my bit to help, and I would encourage everyone and anyone to do the same!


April showers

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What a difference sunshine makes, doesn’t it?

The past ten days we have been so fortunate with the weather and almost took it for granted.  This morning is more like an early spring day!  Showers and drizzle and a bit chilly.  Ah well, it will make me knuckle down and get going on the huge mountain of paperwork here in the office.  Perhaps.

I’ve got an exciting week ahead – starting in just 20minutes time.   I am visiting Curves gym at Barnton to collect wonderful donations for our healthy snacks scheme.  Then off to Hard Rock Cafe in George Street to meet Lesley Ross to chat about the upcoming Rock and Roll marathon – no, I am not taking part.  I am cheering on our runners and have a space in the Hard Rock Tent (good news considering the possible weather!).  Later today I have a meeting to discuss forthcoming afternoon tea events at the Caledonian Hotel soon to become a Waldorf hotel (oooh.)

I love Tuesdays – always spent in our home office with volunteers.  The amazing young ambassadors – Michaela Waddell and Ailsa Macgregor – will be working away on the fashion show and this year’s planned workshops.   Ann, Marlyn, Susan and I will be packing 30 parent and patient packs in readiness for delivery to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.  Multi-tasking as ever we will also be planning our next two events – the Elephant Drive and Blingo.

Wednesday I am off to Police HQ to be given a lovely cheque from monies raised at their Ball in January.

In between all of that we have meetings at the Sheraton, with STV local, and individual donors.

I’d like to see the sun return soon but meantime I will make the most of the inside time!


Elephant Drive

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What?   Elephant Drive

Where?  Craigie’s Farm Shop and Deli, South Queensferry 

When? friday 27 April 2012

Time?   7pm -9.30pm

Cost?   £10 per person

Dress Code – casual!

Anyone remember going to a Beetle Drive? well this is similar but its an Elephant Drive because our Kilimanjaro Trek mascot is an elephant, Ellie.
As you know, we like organising fun events so do come along and join the fun. this event is for all the family! anyone can play – it’s very easy – honest!

guests will be seated at tables of 4, 6 or 8

There will be no moving about as sometimes happens at Beetle Drives – once guests are seated in their groups they will stay there – less disruption.

Tickets are priced at £10 each and include 4 games and food.
There will be sandwiches, sausages on rolls, mini pizzas, oatcakes, cheese and pates. Mini icecream tubs for all and mini cupcakes. Squash will also be provided free.

Other drinks can be purchased on the night.

We will have a tombola – £1 for 3 tix.

There will be prizes for best drawn elephant (that rules me out then)

highest scoring team and of course a booby prize for lowest scoring team

Fabulous raffle

To get your tickets email lynne by clicking here

Wishing Trees in Edinburgh

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What?     It’s Good 2 Give Wishing Trees

Where?   St Andrew Square Gardens, Edinburgh
Craigie’s Farm Shop and Deli, South Queensferry
Zest health and beauty salons, Haddington place and The Braids, Edinburgh

When?   Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 December 2011

Cost?      A donation of £1 or £2 appreciated per message

how to do it  Donate via our virginmoneygiving page and write a message – we will then rewrite the message onto one of our tags and hang it from our trees – and post a photo online so you can see it!

Want to celebrate christmas by putting a message for loved ones or a wish (one lady has wished for a kind, handsome man, many of course are wishing for health and happiness in 2012 but you can wish for anything you like) onto one of our tags and we will add them to our three trees in St Andrew Square gardens.  We have named these three trees Faith, Hope and Charity for the next two weeks!

We also have wishing trees inside Craigie’s Farm shop and Zest salons so feel free to pop along to them and add a tag to their trees.

Perhaps your business, school, university might consider taking some of our tags and asking staff to participate – please get in touch and we will gladly deliver some tags and a collecting box to you.

Our volunteers will be in the gardens (weather permitting ) most lunchtimes and part of the day at weekends starting on Saturday 10 December.

Here are a small selection of those already written

our very first wishing tree tag

a tiny selection of the first of our wishing tree tags


The Opticians at Marchmont

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Great news, another business has taken us on as Charity of the Year.  The Opticians at Marchmont.  Very close to the Sick Kids actually.  Steven, one of the partners is very keen to help us and we had a good chat about all our options.  I see some very nice prizes coming for the fashion show and the Ball!  And some of our models will be sporting some of his very fine specs and sunnies at our November fashion show (tickets selling well – get yours soon)

Watch this space for news of an event we plan to hold there in the winter.

And thanks to Steven Hislop and the team at the Opticians at Marchmont for their support – we really appreciate it.

guest blog spot from Becky Hearne

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Please welcome our guest blogger for today – the lovely and talented Rebecca Hearne (if you are on twitter you can follow her here)


I have lived in Edinburgh, off and on, for nine years now, but I have to confess I’ve rarely gotten involved in Edinburgh events outside of university, or the book trade (in which I now work). I am also lucky enough never to have had a close family member affected by cancer. It’s Good 2 Give has become important to me, though, for a few reasons:


1) I get to feel that I am, in a small way, contributing to Edinburgh’s community in a way that I haven’t done before. I love the fact that It’s Good 2 Give does both little and big things, from snacks and phone chargers, to fundraising for its long-term goal of building a respite house. I love that Lynne has decided on those goals because she has asked cancer patients and their families what they need: she’s not just swooping in, deciding what’s best for everyone, she’s responding to them. I love that every penny donated goes to an It’s Good 2 Give project, not admin costs.


2) Lynne tries to match tasks with the volunteer’s skills. I have been doing writing, editing and design for It’s Good 2 Give, because that’s what I enjoy and that’s what I’m best at. I really appreciate she hasn’t asked me to help at a Fashion Show, for example, because my sense of balance is…not good, and I can’t do anyone’s make up apart from my own. (See: the time I accidently tripped over a pregnant woman, and when I lent a friend foundation that was not her colour.)


3) It’s Good 2 Give has events that are fun! I have been to a Blingo evening, and not only did I have a scrumptious meal and drink a lot of bubbly, but I met some lovely people, and learnt about some wonderful independent designers and shops. (I also learnt that I am terrible at bingo, but I’ll concede that’s probably not Lynne’s fault….) The best part was that I was enjoying myself, whilst helping to raise money for something I believe is important.


I’m very aware that I’m writing this at the end of a simultaneously horrifying and hopeful week in this country. Horrifying for obvious reasons, but hopeful because a lot of people, myself included, have realised that we are only as strong as the communities we live in. It may not be my friend or family member who’s been affected by cancer, but I live in Edinburgh, and in Scotland, just like people in the Sick Kids Hospital. It’s a great pleasure to be involved in It’s Good 2 Give –

Lynne’s infectious vision is hard to resist!


Fashion show update

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Meet three of our fashion show organising team

from left to right – Kirsty Newlands, Michaela Waddell and Ruth Marshall.

Doing a grand job this week with our plans for the show.  This photo shows them working on the programme for the show – the tickets are at the printers and will be ready during next week.  Then its down to us to sell, sell, sell and fill the Tom Fleming Centre for the Performing Arts on Sunday 6 November!

Recycle 4 It’s Good 2 Give!

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Donate your empty inkjets and old mobile phones and help us raise cash.  We have envelopes to post your cartridges or mobile phones – please ask and we can post out to you or deliver.

for each inkjet cartridge we get £1  and for each mobile phone we can get up to £30 donated!  Maybe you could take some into your office or school?

Exclusions apply –

no Epson inkjets (sadly, one of the printers that It’s Good 2 Give has in its office)

no laser or toner cartridge