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Countdown to Fashion show

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Well here we are with less than 2 and a half weeks to go!
Already a complete sellout – 530 guests.  Couldn’t be happier for the models.  All 55 of them!
It’s been a tough month preparing and this is the final phase but we are all enjoying ourselves too!
The designers and retailers are ready to loan their clothes, the accessories are chosen, the music is just waiting eager to be played and have our models walk the catwalk moving to its beat.
Ten superb raffle prizes waiting to be won. Spare tights, Kirby grips (showing my age here), tissues and so much more in our spares and emergency box.
Oh and  a walkie talkie – almost just for fun.  After all, it is the 21st century and we all have mobile phones!
We still have to arrange as many fittings as we can in the next 2 and a half weeks and hold the rehearsal but so far so good.
The wonderful Academy of Make-up Scotland are sending 15 students to give our models catwalk ready make up!
More good news is that one of our models has already signed up for the Kilimanjaro trek and if that wasn’t enough, she has encourage two friends to consider too!
Watch this space for updates on both events!

Fashion show update

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Meet three of our fashion show organising team

from left to right – Kirsty Newlands, Michaela Waddell and Ruth Marshall.

Doing a grand job this week with our plans for the show.  This photo shows them working on the programme for the show – the tickets are at the printers and will be ready during next week.  Then its down to us to sell, sell, sell and fill the Tom Fleming Centre for the Performing Arts on Sunday 6 November!

Telford College students fashion show

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Meet Team CK Events – five students from Edinburgh’s Telford College in their first year of an HND course in event management –  they put on their first event last night at GHQ night club and raised funds for It’s Good 2 Give! Their first event nerves were much in evidence in the hour before it started but swiftly disappeared once guests arrived.  The girls had clearly worked hard on this event and it went according to plan.  The venue was packed, the models looked stunning – Susie and  I were very impressed.

And grateful.  Thanks again CK Events – we very much appreciate your support.

A few more photos here on our flickr page – we will add more from the official photographer as soon as we get them.


It’s Good 2 Give…workshops

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Four workshops under our belt now – all went really well. The Bead Shop hosted two for us – a silver making workshop and a spring bead bracelet workshop – participants feedback is – when are the next workshops??  Everyone loved them.  I personally tried making the spring beads bracelet and so long as you don’t look too closely you will probably think I did pretty well!kiss the fish workshop

spring beads

Kiss the Fish hosted a craft workshop for younger ones and mums – what fun was had there too!   Giraffes, cats, camels and little Victoria’s well scarey crocodile.  It is fair to say that Victoria had the best day!  She absolutely loved it and is looking forward to more in the future.  She came to say bye to me and asked for a bead making workshop too.  It’s Good 2 Give’ll fix it for her…..

model workshop

And then we had the first of our catwalk skills workshops.  Apprehension was definitely to be seen on the faces of our first participants!  By the end of the two hours though they were all glad they had come along and we had learnt a few things too – That’s the fun of doing something for the first time. [insetright title=”Tracey, one of our models”]”Certainly Ellie (her cousin)   grew in confidence and was listened to and she came away willing and confident that she could do the show and we are both looking forward to it immensely!”[/insetright]

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It’s really heartening to know that our first event is sold out!

Oh and of course so is our second – Blingo sold out in a matter of hours.  22 of 26 tables are paid in full so we really know where we are financially.  I keep on begging for goody bag items and sparking mineral water as the more we can get of items like that the less we spend and the more we bring into our coffers as our guests feel well pampered.  Sunday’s event – afternoon tea at the Hilton Caledonian is such a nice relaxed event and I am so looking forward to it.  Think I have everything I need for it.  Sparkling wine – check, Bottlegreen soft drink – check, prizes – check,  merchandise for sale – check, list of our lovely guests – check.  Have they all paid?  Almost!  Our models are going for fittings in the next couple of days – its the very latest stock they will be wearing – Marie at Fifi Wilson is just waiting on it all arriving from London.

Today is a day full of event planning – the Afternoon Tea, Blingo (need a lot more prizes for this event!  and 500 choc bars too ), the Fashion Show and our very first Ball.  My head is spinning from all that there is to do and that is on top of working on my fundraising plan for 2011/12.   As the aim is to raise £200k this year I need to focus on encouraging others to join me in fundraising!  I have found a perfect Word template to put my event plans on and am learning Bento for the Mac too – its a great tool and once I have mastered it will save me carrying around a load of paperwork – just need the gorgeous Ipad!

Fashion Show

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What?: Fashion Show

When?: Sunday 6th November 2011 4-6pm

Where?: Tom Fleming Centre for the Performing Arts, Queensferry Road, Edinburgh

Cost?: £5 pp

Our annual Fashion Show returns to the Tom Fleming Centre for the Performing Arts later this year.   Tickets are priced at an astonishing £5 (we want to fill the Centre this year- that is 550 seats!). Indeed if you book ten tickets you will get an extra special offer as you will only pay for nine!  Photos from last year’s show can be viewed on Flickr.

This event will be held between 4-6pm.

Our models all have a reason to model for us – from young cancer patients, their siblings, parents to the professional staff who take care of them.   We are also lucky to have top model Anna Freemantle leading catwalk skills workshops for our models in the months leading up to the event!   The wonderful Charlie Miller team of hairdressers will look after all our models.

Clothes from – so far, Tea at Aunties,  Fifi Wilson, Kakao by K, Sam Brown, Joyce Paton, 21st century kilts, Anta.  Hamilton & Inches will be loaning some jewellery too!

Our very talented Patron,radio presenter and favourite pantomime baddie (oh yes he is)  Grant Stott will co-host the event alongside two young cancer patients – Laura Gibson and Shannon Mackenzie.


Tickets can be booked by emailing or calling 07901555352