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Busier than a bee

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The weekend starts here!

Or I should say, the weekend started here.

Here being Greenbank Church.  Chosen as one of two charities that the Greenbank WAGS are supporting in 2013, this was the second event they had organised for us.  First had been a coffee morning earlier this year. I knew that this event was a quiz night but didn’t know much else.

The hall looked lovely on friday night with the summer evening sun coming in the roof windows and the tables all decorated.  The WAGS (that’s women at Greenbank by the way!) were busy doing final prep.  I love helping so I gave a hand pouring the prosecco.  And then I found out that the plan for the night was that each table brought their own food and drink.  What a variety of food there was!  A fabulous buffet with a ring of prawns, a chinese carryout, italian buffet, and a pizza medley table. (I sat with them for an hour and the pizzas looked superb). Much as I would have loved to stay I had to get home around 9pm to prep for the events over the weekend so I stayed for round one of the quiz.  Oh boy was it hard!  It was about WAGS (this time as in  wives and girlfriends) and who they are married to.  Err, my problem was who were they never mind who they might be married to!

Carrie, Chief WAG, popped into see me on Saturday with some beautiful flowers – gorgeous Sweet Williams that still look stunning in my kitchen. It was so kind of her. I hope I can go back to another of their events – they are a really interesting and lovely group of women.  And almost my neighbours.

Chief WAG Carrie

Chief WAG Carrie

Folk beginning to come in

Folk beginning to come in

The gorgeous Sweet Williams I was given

The gorgeous Sweet Williams I was given

Aren't they gorgeous?

Aren’t they gorgeous?












So, now it’s Saturday morning and we are off to our Lego workshop. (and Co-Trustee Susan is off to Craigie’s Farm for first day of their Open Weekend,  trekker Aileen is off to Marks and Spencer, Princes Street, to do a day’s bagpacking with her team, trekker Fiona is off to Newtongrange Gala Day to sell home baking at her stall).  It was our busiest workshop yet and was fantastic.  The wonderful staff at the HIlton Hotel, Edinburgh Airport looked after us so well as usual. Our lovely supporters had provided most of the Lego kits and children and parents alike enjoyed putting them together.  Refreshments included a box of Krispy Kreme donuts (bought early enough in the morning by Vera to avoid the queues!


IMG_7776IMG_7786 IMG_7783 IMG_7776 IMG_7775 IMG_7772 IMG_7771 IMG_7768





my old school - JGHS - hall with a cafe set up and slides showing.


Here comes a wee bit personal stuff – I had to fit in some Kili training – Ian and I had swum Saturday morning for half an hour but I wanted to do more so I walked to my next appointment – just 2 miles but it felt good.  I walked to my old school, James Gillespie’s High School.  It seems like an eternity since I was there and it kind of is – almost 40 years since I left!!!   My oldest (as in known the longest) friend was there – as well as going to secondary school together we went to primary school together.  My mum and dad came along to see round the old school.  Imagine a school only 40 or so years old being torn down.  Ridiculous.   So it is.   As I mentioned it on twitter and facebook it turns out that a fair few folk I know there had also gone to JGHS.  Such a small world.  Our Patron, Grant Stott, also went there but obviously much later than me!  I must go into the attic and see if I still have my hat.  Jings, that was one ugly hat.



Feet up saturday night to watch Britain’s Got Talent, to think that every single act had oodles of talent and courage to get onto that stage  – didn’t agree with the winner but hey that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Sunday morning it was my turn to take my shift at Craigie’s Farm.  However if you remember it was a lovely day on Saturday – roasting hot.  I was looking forward to being outside at Craigie’s.  Ha ha.  What did I get?  Clouds, wind and chill. Well at least till lunchtime.  I was frozen!!  We were situated near the front door so actually got to chat to dozens of folk as they went into the shop cafe.  Goodness me, was that shop and cafe mobbed all day.  I don’t know how they managed.  John, Kirsteen and Anne do a tremendous job and are always so welcoming and they are so thoughtful – checking on us often to see that we were ok too. I think, I hope we recruited a fair few cyclists to our Pedal 4 Paul team and quite a number of folk showed immense interest in our family afternoon tea event at the Caledonian too.

Knitted gardener Sammi, Donella and Susie Sonni smiling Donella, Tabby and Graham LawsonThere to help me in the morning was co-Trustee Marlyn and in the afternoon I was joined by newest trustee Donella and her daughter Tabby (still in treatment but doing great thank goodness). Later Donella’s husband Graham came along too and did a great job chatting up new potential Pedal 4 Paul cyclists.





IMG_1404 IMG_1412 the view from behind the ski slopeHome by 430pm I managed another personal training walk – Ian and I decided to give the lower bits of the Pentlands a go.  We parked in Swanston village car park and walked up through the fields filled with highland cattle – who were almost tame, up behind the T woods and then up behind Hillend Ski Centre and down to the Steading for a pint.  Back along the bridle path I think to the car.  Only 3 miles but it was my first proper ‘hill’ and I was out of breath but well chuffed to manage it.  We had a moment of immense unbelievable catch your breath sadness as we were walking up a narrow path – a mountain cyclist cycled past us saying hi as he went past.  Crumbs, we both could hardly speak.  Just made us think how much Andrew liked doing just that – cycling the pentland hill paths. And now he never can again. Just awful.

Anyhow I did the walk and feel so much better for it too.




This morning (monday ) I did a pitch to a company about the charity and think I did ok.  Time will tell.  Then scooted to the Gyle to meet Catherine, one of our supporters and a new friend of mine – I was sharing ideas with her and we had a great brainstorming session over a cappuccino – we came up with some brilliant ideas.  Came home briefly and then scooted off to meet Clare from Lothian Buses (and colleagues of us both) at Edinburgh Academy.  We were there to discuss a great physical challenge coming up so bear with us while we work on them!

Earlier this evening I was handing out Pedal4Paul flyers (if you can take some to your work please get in touch).  Then had a meeting about (wait for this, it’s hilarious) a breakfast we are helping at – saturday 22 june we are getting up at 330am to be cooking bacon rolls and putting out the muesli and yogurt for the returning cyclists from a night bike ride!  How cool is that?  I will talk more about this on our Andrew Cyclist website.

And that brings me to now.  Which is 11pm monday night and definitely definitely time for bed.

So I bid you a good night!


Walk over the Forth Road Bridge

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Not something I ever thought of doing or planned to do. (being terrified of heights you see)

But then along came Lynne Rennie of Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh Airport fame and asked me if we would like to be benefitting charity for a walk over the bridge on 20 May.  How could I say no?

I believe in putting my money where my mouth is so said I would walk it too.  And that is how I came to be walking over the stunning Forth Road Bridge on a cold but beautifully sunny Sunday morning.

This is me half way – I am beside the sign in Fife.

I walked over with a lovely family – the Cramptons – their wee boys zipped over on their scooters.   I was ok- ish as long as I kept walking – we met up with Lynne and other walkers mid point of the Bridge and stopped to say hello. Not for long – Do you have any idea how much that bridge wobbles. I am reliably told it is meant to but oh boy I wasn’t at all keen on the feeling.   And later, Dave Crampton said to me that there were interesting mud patterns in the Forth – have a look, he said.   Nope, I said, you are ok, I will take your word for it.  Not my best feeling looking over the railings.

However ladies and gentlemen I did it.  There and back and it felt good.  really good.

And even better raised lots of money for my beloved It’s Good 2 Give.

Around the World in a day

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What?   Cross the Forth Road Bridge walking, skipping, jumping, running, cycling

Where?   Forth Road Bridge, Queensferry

When?   Sunday 20 May 2012 between 9am and 3pm (3pm finish so best if you are at the start point by 1pm at latest)

Cost?  £5 to register and raise any amount of sponsorship


The Hilton Hotel Edinburgh Airport have long supported my fundraising and have just asked us to be benefitting charity for this event.

Anyone can take part.

All you have to do is walk, run, jog, cycle, skip across the Forth Road Bridge and back – a 3 mile round trip.   A good event for the whole family or a group of friends – we will welcome you all.

To get your information pack, sponsor form and t shirt please call Lynne Rennie in the Business Centre at Edinburgh Airport Hilton on 0131 519 4403or email her on Lynne.Rennie@hilton.com

You can also just turn up on the day and take part….  but come before 1pm to get started across.

meet Lynne REnnie at the car park of the Old Forth Bridges Motel anytime from 9am to 1pm


Easter egg decorating

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One of our Young Ambassadors, Ailsa Macgregor, did us proud by organising her first workshop for us – all her own idea she decided to do an Easter Egg decorating.  With extras.  Lots of them.   Like Easter biscuit decorating too (and she had made the biscuits).  Posters to colour in.  Easter chicks to make.  And a little treasure hunt too.

Feedback has been terrific – best workshop ever.   Well done, Ailsa and here’s to the next workshop you organise!

Ailsa is a shining example of a young ambassador for our charity and many other local charities too – she gives of her time, ideas and skills so freely and loves it too.  Exactly what we want to promote and encourage – people of all ages to go out and give.  To whatever charity rocks their boat.   To give their time however little spare time they have or their ideas or skills.  Try it.  It feels good, I promise you.  So does Ailsa!

And, as ever, our special thanks to Edinburgh Airport HIlton Hotel for looking after us so well.