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Random kindness

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I was out on a training walk yesterday with a fellow trekker and friend, Debbie.   She recommended a walk up West Lomond Hill so that’s what we did.  It was a gorgeous summer’s day – a bit cloudy so perfect for walking.  We chatted about everything – the charity, our trek, and lots of talk about dogs – a shared love!

We enjoyed our lunch at the summit and started down – meeting a man, his son and dog.  We said hello, he mentioned something to Debbie about her knowledge of the area and she mentioned our trek and the charity.  He asked about it and goodness knows, I hardly need an opportunity to talk about my beloved It’s Good 2 Give  – I was off. Telling him lots.

It was actually a very short conversation but it has had a profound effect on me these past 24 hours.  This man, this stranger listened to me and Debbie talk about our trek and went into his wallet and gave us a £10 note to put to our fundraising.  He didn’t know us.  He trusted us. I was blown away by his kindness.

I always carry (yes, even in my rucksack) my business cards so I gave him one to reassure him about his donation.

Thank you stranger – we very much appreciate your donation.  (that is him far behind me in the photo.)

2013-08-08 13.05.33

Our Kilimanjaro trekkers

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Thought you’d like an update on our Kilimanjaro trekkers – there are 31 of us.  29women and 2men.

We come from Fife, Edinburgh, Lothians, and the Borders – our youngest is 23 and I am the oldest at 56.

I am so proud of them all (not to mention grateful to them)  – for their fundraising efforts, coming along to our team building events, and for their commitment to training for this trek.  I’ll keep you posted on events and training a bit more often as we get closer to the trek.  And introduce you to a few more of our wonderful team.

Look at Adrienne, Nancee, Rhona, Mary and Marie here in the Pentlands  (the second photo was unbelievably taken in March!)adrienne and nanceerhona mary and adrienne

Adrienne and Nancee are soon to host their second Afternoon tea Brunch event – the first was incredibly successful. Mary is working on a ceilidh and a pub quiz – Rhona and Marie also have plans in hand for their fundraiser.

aileens event

In this photo you can see Wilma, one of our trekkers attend an event organised by another of our trekkers (couldn’t find a photo of you, Aileen!) Aileen – a spin class at her club, Lifescycle.


You can see Sheryl, our training walks leader, in this photo (far left) – she took out a group of trekkers in the Trossachs  – a walk they all loved.  One of our two guys was able to come along – gave Cameron a chance to get to know some of the other trekkers.  Cameron did a fundraising run – the Great North Run recently to raise his funds.

susie bradleyHere’s Susie – this is at her second fundraising event.  Smashing her own targets as they all seem to be doing.  In the middle is Samantha, (who has fought cancer and is now well, thank goodness). Samantha is our newest and youngest Young Ambassador.  We are lucky to have her.

What’s still to come? Lots – from walks in the Cheviots organised by one of the Borders trekkers, a nighttime walk led by a member of the Mountain Rescue team to fundraising events- a lashes and tashes party, a Zumbathon, all my events.  It’s all go!

I leave you with quite possibly one of the most amazing fundraisers – organised for March because they thought it would be muddy – hence its name – the Muddy Truckers event.   Turned out to be  more like the Snowy Truckers event.   Elaine Whellans and her team in the Borders town of Duns excelled over a weekend a couple of weeks ago.  It was freezing cold yet there they were out in the early morning cold frying up bacon, making pots and pots of tea and then soup for lunch.   Looking after the truckers incredibly well they raised a staggering £4700 in just three days.

IMG_2106 elaine whellans2 elaine whellans 3

P.S.  I am personally well chuffed to have saved up all the money needed to pay for the trip – done a few car boot sales, and ebay/gumtree sales over the past 18months so can now focus on fundraising – be assured that every penny you give me as sponsorship goes to the charity – I have covered all personal costs myself.

Double our Money

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I am of an age to remember a programme called Double Your Money – I think it was Hughie Green  who presented it.

Anyway I want to Double OUR Money this year.   We have done superbly well in our first nearly 3 years by raising over £250,000 and that is just fantastic.  And to each and every one of you who have helped get us to this point – a huge thank you.

But I’d really like to see us getting the land and starting the build if not in 2013 itself definitely in 2014.

So I have put together a plan for the year –

continue the great work with our charity business partners

including our new partners (more of that soon)

we have twelve (yes, twelve) events in planning for the year ahead  – I will tell you more about them in the next few days.

one great truly amazing competition

32 incredible trekkers joining me climbing Kilimanjaro in October 2013

get 100 cyclists in our Pedal for Paul 2013 team

promoting our merchandise

applying for grants

encouraging others to fundraise for us!

If you are up for helping us raise £250,000 this year please do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.


East meets West Blingo

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What?: ‘East meets West’ biggest ever Blingo

When?: Saturday 14 September 2013 12noon till 5pm

Where?: Glasgow Hilton hotel

Hosts:  Grant Stott and Des Clarke

How much?   £550 for a table of ten.   (that includes a reception drink, 3 course lunch with a half bottle of wine per person, tea/coffee and 3 games bingo)

Our Blingo events are such a success we decided to do one that is huge.  Biggest ever Blingo.   Where better to do it than in the fabulous Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

Hence the name.  East meets West Blingo.

We have a lot of support for an event like this in Glasgow and the opportunity arose.

It really is a Fantastic afternoon out  for ladies only and we are very lucky to have two amazing hosts!  Representing the East is our own Patron, Grant Stott and in the West corner is Des Clarke.   With these two bantering away this is going to be a brilliant afternoon out!

It is also just 2 weeks before our team of trekkers climb Kilimanjaro – our team consists of 29 women and 2 men.  (they might need headphones).   Many of our trekkers will be at the event too.

Prizes are incredible and it is great value.

To book your table click here to be taken to  online booking page.

or email  to reserve a table (we need £100 non refundable deposit and then balance to be paid by 31 July)

TRAVEL INFORMATION – we have secured luxury coach transport for those wanting it to travel from Edinburgh city centre and back – spaces are limited but are available at the moment for £10pp extra



Trekker Susie

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One of our Kilimanjaro Trekkers is a lady called Susie Bradley.  Her daughter Samantha has fought a tough battle with cancer and is doing really well now.  Susie has decided she wants to do something incredibly challenging and join us on this trek.  Make no mistake – this is a tough challenge. Probably the toughest thing any of us have done in fact.  Physically.   Each of us knows though that the children and young people faced a far tougher challenge fighting cancer and did so with incredible spirit and positivity.   We are doing Kilimanjaro for ourselves of course but most definitely also for them.

Susie had this article published in her local paper recently.

Have a wee read…….

Hard Rock Cafe Charity Ambassadors

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Last monday saw me at the first meeting of the Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh Charity Ambassadors Committee.

Our relationship has grown in the last 18months.  For a small charity, for this small charity anyway, I am finding it wonderful to have a charity/business relationship that lasts longer than one year.  It takes some time to get to know people and to work out how best to work together.  So it is with much pleasure that we continue to work with HRC Edinburgh.

Their charity ambassadors are full of ideas for the year ahead and were keen to hear what events I already had planned.  They are going to help at some events, promote others and come up with a few of their own too.  After the success of our first lapel pin Lesley has come up with a design for another one as suggested by some of my young team.

I had taken our Ellie elephant with me and explained her story.  To say they loved her and wanted to keep her is a bit of an understatement!   But, as you all know, I adore Ellie and she reminds me daily how lucky I am to be able to do what I do.   I like finding solutions though so I suggested to the team that they take our blue elephant (we have three elephants).  I had plans for the blue one but needed more time to implement those plans.  Better it was put to use now than gathering dust in my home.  I can always get another elephant if I need one!

So the blue elephant has now been adopted by HRC Edinburgh.  I am excited to find out what they are going to do with it!

As I was leaving the restaurant, the manager Jonathon told me he is seriously considering joining our Kilimanjaro trek.  Yay. wonderful news.  Especially for the guys on the trek who currently number just 2.  (as opposed to the 20 females).

Thanks all at HRC Edinburgh – we love working with you.