Pedal for Paul

‘Event’ful Friday!

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Yesterday was a great day – we seem to be having a fair few of these kinds of days recently!   Most folk look forward to fridays because it signals the end of the week- me, I looked forward to yesterday for all the amazing people I knew I was going to meet.

Let me start at the beginning.

Started my day at Currie High School – where I met their Charities Committee and the Head Teacher, Mrs MacKinnon. The school pupils have been doing fundraising for us for past eight months.   Many of the pupils knew Paul Davies  who went to school at Currie HS and lost his fight with cancer nearly three years ago.   We are proud to have our Pedal for Scotland team named Pedal for Paul.  The money the school raised will go into our Paul Davies fund – when we have our house up and  running one of the rooms will be named after Paul.

Katherine McFarlane is Head Girl at Currie and volunteers with us one day a week – I had asked her how much they raised and she was coy about it – obviously wanting me to get a nice surprise – which I most certainly did.

I was presented with a cheque for almost £2000.  How utterly fabulous


After that I scooted over to see one of our trekkers – we were discussing all things It’s Good 2 Give over a cuppa and cake – and her dog, Archie tried staring me down as I had the cake!!  Quite right too, Archie.


Moving on to an afternoon tea event organised by two of our trekkers, Adrienne and Nancee – super prizes in their raffle and lots of wonderful  helpers putting together a plentiful cake stand filled with sandwiches, cakes and treats.  mmmmm












The next bit was for me but I mention it because the person I visited next is one of my fairy godmothers – Jacqui – friend and hairdresser – does my hair every month and for all my major events.  I love it when she does my hair – only time I am ever hair smart!

And so, with gorgeous hair I set off for for the ITM ball at the Edinburgh Marriott – met up there with co-trustee, Susan Stewart and her two nieces Lucy and Sophy – we set up our table in the function room, laid out our leaflets on the tables and got ready to raise some more funds!   Did my wee talk, had dinner, (very nice it was too), a great roll the pound at the whisky bottle game, incredible raffle (like airline tickets to USA!) and then a disco.

And did we get good funds in?  You can believe it!!!  almost £4000.

At the same time, co-trustee Marlyn Minto was attending a Lashes and Tashes fundraising party organised by trekker Aileen.  I have yet to find out whether Marlyn wore lashes or tashes!!  I do know that Aileen raised around £1200.  Just fantastic. I will add more photos of the event soon.  Here is a wee photo of the raffle table.










When I put my head on the pillow around midnight last night it was with an immense sense of gratitude to all who help us achieve our goal……


Thank you each and every one.

Getting fitter in 2013

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I plan to.  Started already with the plan.

Swimming for 20minutes – I hope to improve my speed.  Walking as much as possible – again, with practice, I hope to improve my speed.   Cycling too.  I hope to just improve!

We’ve got a cycling team we’d love you to join – our Pedal for Paul team.   Cycling between Glasgow and Edinburgh on 8 September 2013 we want to have over 100 cyclists in our team this year.  Last year we had 67 and all completed the challenge including young Charlie Griffiths.   He loved it so much he is signing up for it again.  (Ok, so his mum isn’t but she is going to be part of the support team cheering them home!)

I am doing it this year and am excited about it.    Please join me!

£30 to register and an extra £15 for transport to the start. We are going to have our own food stop on the route so you can be sure of a snack.

If running is more your thing and you are signed up to any of the spring runs please consider getting sponsored for us.

Get in touch if you’d like more information on raising funds for us.

What about putting together a team (20) for the Dragon Boats Race in June at Ocean Terminal.  Great fun – I astonished myself by loving it.  It’s only a tenner each to register and then you must raise at least £100 each (75% of which comes to It’s Good 2 Give and 25% to Leith Rotary)


Au revoir 2012

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Hard to believe, isn’t it?  The end of another year.

It’s Good 2 Give has had a tremendous year starting back in March with our inaugural Ball – at the newly refurbished Sheraton – and when I say newly refurbished I mean it.  General Manager JP Kavanagh was almost having to use smelling salts on me in the afternoon as the painters (yes, the painters), cleaners and joiners finished up.  They were still assembling the lounge tables mid afternoon.   I can tell you now I had palpitations.  Our  hard work paid off though and we had a fabulous night.    Host, Grant Stott was just the best and the band, Corra could have played on.  and on.  and on.  Our guests wanted to stay and dance the night away.    (So much so, we have extended our end time for the 2013 Ball to 2am).

Afternoon tea events and Blingo followed – held at the Caledonian Hotel and Roxburghe Hotel respectively – these are sell out events and deservedly so – great value and great fun.

We got physical too, mind you – taking part in the Dragon Boats race in June – jings, that was a cold day for June down at Ocean Terminal.   We had lots of fun.   and some amazing costumes.
Pedal for Paul was a triumph and I like to think that Paul would have been pretty chuffed with our efforts.   67 cyclists raising over £17000.  Oh and did I mention they cycled 47 miles between Glasgow and Edinburgh?    Susan, Carol and I were there at the finish line to take photos, congratulate them and give out medals.   Gosh, we were proud of them all especially young Charlie Griffiths – who was our youngest cyclist.  Paul’s dad cycled it too – mum, Ruth had broken a bone and couldn’t cycle.   She and I have signed up already for 2013 – this time we want to see over 100 cyclists in the team.    Pretty achievable I think.

We end the year having now raised well over £250,000 in our first three years.   I am proud of that but want to speed things up a bit – so my next challenge is to Double our Money by end 2013.

I hope you will help me do just that. The sooner we get that kind of money in the bank the sooner we can start to create the kind of retreat I dream about for families affected by cancer.

I will tell you all about my ideas and show you our calendar of events early in 2013.

Meantime, let me just  say thank you for all your support and wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year

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A little bit of everything

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Sometimes I try to hard to make this blog only have useful or interesting bits of information about It’s Good 2 Give and forget that maybe just maybe you’d also like to know some of the little things I get up to!

Well if you do, good and if you don’t stop reading now and go back to your cuppa/work/walking the dog.

I have found this year really tough so far.  Family sickness, stress, grief and organising quite the biggest event we have ever considered has taken its toll.

Thank goodness for good friends who have been there to listen, to support, to help and to reassure. Over and over again I am reminded how much a small kindness can mean and it reinforces what we do as a charity too.

And even although there are small parts of days that seem almost unbearable most days are filled with hope.

Hope for safer cycling through our new charity to be – Andrew Cyclist Charitable Trust

and hope for It’s Good 2 Give  – that we can continue with our programme of workshops, healthy snacks scheme, parents and patient packs, and responding to requests.

  • We are working alongside the Sick Kids Foundation in kitting out a room in ward 2 for study and reception – absolutely delighted to work in partnership with another tremendous charity on this project.
  • Including Ninewells Hospital in our parent and patient pack project.
  • working hard on our physical challenges – the Dragon Boats Race in June, Pedal for Paul in September and Kilimanjaro trek the following September.
  • building on our partnerships with businesses.
  • making our series of fundraising events this year the best ever.

For me personally, I want to continue getting fitter – I have done pretty well since November of last year when I realised that I wasn’t doing my health any favours by being quite so overweight or unfit.  Healthy eating and, so far, moderate exercise have done wonders.  I feel fitter and more energetic than I have done in years. I am walking for an hour each day and aim to increase that over the summer months.  I am participating in the Dragon Boats Race (reluctantly and with an arm up my back though not while rowing you understand) and Pedal for Paul bike ride this year – all good training for Kilimanjaro next year.   My saving up for Kili is doing well – through car boot/gumtree/ebay sales I have saved £1500 of the £2500 personal cost and then I can start on the £1000 I need to raise for the charity. I will be able to do that through organising an event though!   I am excited by the thought of Kili as the team we have so far is just amazing.  Delighted to be doing this incredible adventure for our charity with this group.

Since the Ball Ian and I have had a holiday and so the past week has been catch up week – lots of meetings with wonderful supporters and potential fundraisers and of course juggling that with ironing and shopping and two punctures!

Today is one of those lovely days – a mix of personal and charity – getting a much needed haircut from my good friend Jacqui who refuses to take any money from me – keeping my hair tidy is one of her ways of supporting my fundraising and I very much appreciate it.  Then it’s off for lunch with a new supporter Felicity Keating who raised £2000 at an event in her house earlier this month (go, Felicity!).  She is planning more fundraising for us in June too which is fantastic.  And then I am meeting one of the nurses from Ward 2 – Fiona Bruce – she is one of our trekkers for kili.

I leave you with one of my little quotes – you know how I like these quotes!

Each morning you wake up and have a choice:  Make it a good day or make it a bad day. Events try to dictate our circumstances. In the end the decision is ours.




Pedal 4 Paul 2014

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What?   A cycling challenge in memory of an amazing teenager, Paul Davies

Where?  any cycling event but one we get most cyclists joining is Pedal for Scotland

When?   any but Pedal for Scotland is Sunday 7 September  2014


Cost?  varies from event to event and all we ask is that you raise a few quid for us in honour of a very special young man, Paul Davies


Charismatic, fun, inspirational – just a few of the words we could use to describe Paul Davies.

Paul was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 14 and battled it hard for many years.  He lost his fight in July 2010 aged just 17.

Family and friends fundraise tirelessly for a number of charities that were close to Paul’s heart.  This idea is to raise funds for us and we are so very grateful to Paul’s family for choosing us as the benefiting charity.

So, what is it, do I hear you ask?

Well, as the title suggests it is a bike team.

As part of the 2013 Pedal for Scotland bike ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh there were 128 cyclists in our Team Pedal 4 Paul – raising funds for It’s Good 2 Give in honour of a very special, charismatic and inspirational young man, Paul Davies.
The 2012 Team Pedal for Paul had a wonderful 67 cyclists in it. So we almost managed to double our numbers.

For 2014 we’d like to see 150 cyclists in our team and it can be done.

This year sees us suggesting that you join any organised cycling event you fancy and then pledging to raise a few quid for us – any amount at all is welcomed by us.

The biggest cycling event is Pedal for Scotland cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh on Sunday 7 September – full information can be found here.

Once you sign up to your event, let us know you are going to raise some funds for us and let us know if you want a Pedal 4 Paul t-shirt. We will give you information on how to set up an online giving page.

All monies raised will be used at our Ripple Retreat for an item or items that will recognise Paul’s achievements and character in his young life – a fitting legacy for a special young man.

And as one of the requirements of joining the team is to wear odd socks (Paul always wore odd socks!) we also suggest saving up pennies, pounds, fifty pences, notes in a sock!

I can tell you that every single cyclist doing it for us in 2012 and 2013  has a huge sense of achievement.
07901 555 352



Pedal for Paul

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Charismatic, fun, inspirational – just a few of the words we could use to describe Paul Davies.

Paul was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 14 and battled it hard for many years.  He lost his fight in July 2010.

Family and friends fundraise tirelessly for a number of charities that were close to Paul’s heart.  This event is to raise funds for us and we are so very grateful to Paul’s family for choosing us as the benefiting charity.

So, what is it, do I hear you ask?

Well, as the title suggests it is a bike ride.  We want to get between 50 and 100 cyclists to join us and fundraise for us in the Pedal for Scotland bike ride 2012.  That gives us just over a year to recruit, train and raise lots of money in Paul’s honour.

The bike ride takes place on a Sunday in September and as soon as we know the date of the 2012 ride we will update this page.

It’s a 51 mile ride between Glasgow and Edinburgh – you can do it to beat your own personal best, or just enjoy a day ‘s cycle out stopping at the various designated stops en route – Linlithgow Palace is one – if it’s a nice day, what better place for a quick picnic?

We will provide t shirts and goody bags and one of the team is a bike expert and has offered to look at your bike in advance of the ride.

If you’d like to take part, please get in touch with Lynne on

Spread the word amongst family, friends and colleagues – with 13 months to train and raise funds let’s make this a very special event.