Can you help, any unwanted gifts?

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With 2019 being our 10th year of It’s Good 2 Give we will be having lots more events for you to join us.

Which in turns means lots more tombola / auction / raffle prizes needed…. if you perhaps have any new unwanted gifts then please do PM and let us know.

Anything would be much appreciated.

Can you help us in 2018?

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There are many ways to support our wee charity but in this post I am asking for help with prizes for our events during 2018

We would so very much appreciate help securing some high value prizes for  3 events we are benefiting charity at.  We provide 4 prizes for each event and in return receive financial donations from guests.  Prizes are often spa treatments, or a hotel stay with dinner and breakfast, or the loan of a car for the weekend with an afternoon tea at a 5 star hotel,  or a case of wine or a hair or beauty hamper.

For our own events this year we only have 2 events – Blingo and the Ball.   Blingo needs lots of raffle prizes with a value around £50 and this year we also need silent auction items as we are holding a silent auction for the first time at Blingo.  At our Ball we only have 4 main auction items but we make them special – we already have two pledged!  If you can donate or pledge something extra special ( a holiday in New York for example) or something unusual (remember Johnny Ca$h Coo? and the stunning Silver Ash Beaker)  we would love to hear from you.

If you are able to donate a voucher or product for any of our events please do get in touch – we have always organised our own events and receive such terrific support from you – fingers crossed you can help again this year.

Email me on if you can help

Thank you!

On the lookout for prizes and sponsors

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It’s that time again – we have half a dozen events in the second half of 2017 and so need to have lots of prizes and auction items for them.

We are already super grateful to a great many donors for donating some pretty special prizes and would love to be grateful to a few more donors!

Anyone able to donate please do get in touch.

We’d love to have some sponsors too for our events – we have  the Scottish Beer Awards, Blingo, Young Ambassadors Afternoon Tea, our Ball, Christmas Afternoon Tea and a new event still to be organised but definitely  happening – a fab foodie event at the Edinburgh School of food and Wine.

Do get in touch if you can help – we would love to hear from you!

email me on or Shonagh on

2017 Plans for Prize donations and sponsorship

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It’s the time of year for me to start planning events in 2017 and this year is no different.

At the moment we have Spring Blingo and our Ball confirmed – 11 May for Blingo (sold out ) and 25 November for our Ball at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh.

I am turning my attention to securing sponsorship for parts of all of each event to maximise our fundraising.

Also, it is time to start asking for prize donations – I feel certain that folk must cross the road when they see me approaching!  However, last year’s experience of going through cancer treatment myself has meant that I am indeed a bolder beggar.  I ask very nicely and hope for a good response but understand if it has to be a negative response!  Surgery, chemo and radiotherapy have left their lifetime scars on me and I hate to think of what they have done to children and teens.

Our Ripple Retreat opens in 2017 and that will provide a fabulous respite during treatment or in the months after treatment and certainly for bereaved families.  In addition to fundraising for our Retreat, we are fundraising for our projects at the new Sick Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh – providing the wall art in the children’s cancer ward and also super comfy chairs for parents on the ward and in clinic.  We need to raise £60,000 for those projects.

If you are able to help by providing sponsorship of part of Blingo or the Ball do get in touch – or perhaps you work for a firm who might consider sponsoring.

Same goes for providing auction and raffle prizes – we welcome any support to secure prizes – we need them for Blingo, the Ball, and for the Scottish Property Awards and Scottish Legal Awards in March and the Scottish Home Awards in June.

Anyone able to  help us please do get in touch – email me on Lynne ( at ) Good2GiveRipple-95

Thank you!


Pound Pics Challenge

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Our trustee Hannah Ewan came up with this brilliant idea!   We have a stock of postcards and all you have to do is draw or create a picture on the blank side – the catch is the picture must have a £1 coin as part of it!

We have had over 100 entries so far but would love to see more than 1000.  Prizes have been donated to us – we have books, and ipod shuffles – all up for grabs.  Judging will be done every three months or every 100 entries depends which comes first.

Have a look at entries already received here on our flickr page

If you’d like to take part or perhaps you can persuade your school, business, or college to take part then get in touch with us using the contact page!

Huge thanks to all who have submitted entries already.