We are all about Kindness

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There has been much talk this week about kindness and its power. I want to add in my thoughts and observations.

When Ian and I set up It’s Good 2 Give over 9 years ago we wanted to create a charity that was centred around volunteering. All these years later and it is still at our core.

Ian and I volunteer our time to run the charity and the Ripple Retreat – we are surrounded by incredible people volunteering and/or donating and/or fundraising to support us. From the generosity of donors both individual and business who donate prizes or sponsor part of our and our fundraisers’ events to the incredible and loyal volunteer teams we have.

Just this week we had our snack team delivering treats to the parents and patients of ward 2 at Edinburgh’s Sick Kid’s Hospital on a daily basis, volunteers making up and delivering parent packs to Glasgow Children’s Hospital, a full team volunteering at an event that we were one of the benefitting charities, our incredible housekeeping volunteers at Ripple Retreat and the welcome volunteers ready to welcome our next family who stay.

If that doesn’t show kindness at its best, I don’t know what would. I am proud of all our volunteers and super grateful to each and every one of them.

I know how much the families on ward 2 appreciate our snack team and am sure those who stay at Ripple Retreat also appreciate the incredible efforts of those who helped fundraise or donated in other ways to create the retreat and those who help make it ready for every family every week.

Sometimes it is easy to forget all the folk in the background but it is important to recognise their efforts and kindness in helping – it is a wonderful choice they have made.

Let’s hear it for our volunteers!

More photos added soon (laptop playing up!)

Meet our Edinburgh Kiltwalkers

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Hi I’m Kari, a forty something married mum to 3 wonderfully healthy teenagers. I work a full time job and life is pretty busy all the time but it’s a good busy, a normal busy and that’s the reason I’m doing the kiltwalk for it’s good 2 give, because I can! I can give up a little time every week to train. I can give up a day for the walk. I can ask family and friends to support me and help raise money for an amazing charity. What I can’t do is begin to even pretend to comprehend the turmoil and heartache of the families that are supported by ig2g during what must be the most devastating time of their lives. How busy their lives are in a totally different way than mine and how much support they must need to maintain any kind of normal. Support is key, it gets us through so many things in life and I have support on the kiltwalk in the group of girls who are also crazy enough to have signed up for this gig. We’re all in the same boat, working mums with families who want to do our bit to help. It’s through this group of friends I’ve met the person* who inspires us all. Once in receipt of the services of igtg she has turned her own devastating life experience into a positive driving force to help others and that truly is a gift from heaven. Fitting training walks into the busy schedules we all maintain has been challenging but we’ve all managed to squeeze in a decent long walk in preparation, if the laughs we’ve had along the way on training walks are anything to go by walking on the day will be a hoot with the added boost of the amazing atmosphere. For any potential new kiltwalkers out there, do it, do something awesome today, sign up to help an amazing charity and oh look after your feet, they’re gonna carry you over the finish line knowing you’ve helped make a difference!
* note by Lynne – the person who inspires them is our very own Shonagh – whose daughter Evie died from cancer aged just 26months old.
another  wee postscript to this blog post – Kari and the team held a fundraising event last night and their fundraising total is now over (drum roll please) £2000!

on one of our longer training walks.

at our fundraising event on 7 September 2018

Kiltwalk update

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Dundee (19th August)
Edinburgh (16th September)

There is still time to sign up for either of the two upcoming Kiltwalks!
This is going to be the biggest Edinburgh Kiltwalk – in fact the biggest Kiltwalk that It’s Good 2 Give will have been part of!
It’s a very special one too, as one of the charity’s trustees, Joanna Lamb is leading out all three walks! (24miles, 15 miles and 5miles)
The Tom Hunter Foundation and Michelle Obama dinner have secured an extra 40% to give to the charity on top of your fundraising and it’s an amazing opportunity to raise as much money as we can for It’s Good 2 Give. This means that it is a really important fundraising opportunity for us and we are encouraging as many people to participate or volunteer at this event.  We have a pitstop at Silverknowes and need dozens of volunteers to help us on the day – Sunday 16th September.
We also need sponsors for our walkers and for treats for the walkers. If you could help or know a business who might be able to help point them our way! There is an opportunity for advertising on our tent too.

Summing up – what are we hoping for?

  • More walkers!
  • More volunteers to help at our pitstop
  • A business or businesses who might help provide treats (sweets, tablet, fudge,) for all the walkers who will walk by our pitstop
  • A business or businesses who might sponsor our tent.

If you can help with any of the above, we would LOVE to hear from you.

Ripple Ball 2018

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After the success of Ripple Ball 2017 we have confirmed a date for our 2018 Ball

Join us if you can.

Venue will be the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh

Date is Saturday 24 November 2018

7pm till 1am

Good food, lots dancing, 4 unusual items auction, raffle (and to save time for more dancing, tix can be bought in advance) and a great host or two.

Along with having a fun night out you can have the knowledge that you are supporting a small Scottish charity that supports young cancer patients and their families.

Win Win!

Cost is £800 per table of ten.

To reserve your table please email Shonagh@itsgood2give.co.uk


Behind the scenes at It’s Good 2 Give – part 1

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I thought you might like to see behind the scenes at It’s Good 2 Give!

Today, for example – we held our quarterly Snack Team meeting –

Our Snack Team are all volunteers and are led by Parent Ambassador Shonagh Byrne.  Shonagh manages the rota (never an easy job!), arranges for their online hygiene training, sorts out holiday cover, keeps up to date with finances and chairs the meeting.  As we only see each other once a quarter this is a tough job! The team are fabulous and take in wonderful snacks and treats for both patient and parents to the oncology ward at the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh and we also have Helen who delivers treats to the TCT Unit at the Western General Hospital. The team at the Sick Kids do a snack round mid afternoon Monday to Friday and Helen stocks up the fridge and cupboard at the Western on an ‘as needed’ basis.  We also supply magazine subscriptions to the Sick Kids – some for parents and some for the children and teens.

We are very lucky to have such dedicated volunteers and even better, they love their role.

IMG_1219 IMG_1220 2


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The Olympics are almost over – it’s been an interesting two weeks.  I thought I would be bored by it all.  I am not a fan of watching or participating in sport.

To my own astonishment I loved every single minute of it.

Here are my 21  top moments (couldn’t make them less – I really couldn’t.  In fact I could have doubled them!)

1.  From the Olympic opening ceremony I loved the rings  – they were so beautiful

2.  Our Queen being part of the ceremony – who will forget the words ‘Good evening Mr Bond’ ?

3.  The moment when some of our greatest Olympians gave the torch to young up and coming athletes to light the flame.  Oh my, that was special.

4.  The Kaos signing choir

5.  The greatest swimmer of all time – the simply amazing Michael Phelps – watching him swim

6.  Katherine Grainger – oh crumbs winning the gold was emotional enough but I had tears trickling down my face watching her talk on Sunday morning BBC tv talking about her journey to that gold medal.

7.  I loved watching the Brownlee brothers in the triathlon – just an amazing event

8.  Bert Le Clos  – Chad’s dad trended on twitter within minutes of his tv appearance.  He was such fun and so proud of his son.

9.  Peter Wilson winning gold in the shooting – again a proud dad is involved!

10.  Talking of parents so many were filmed and their incredible pride shone through – from Chad’s dad,Peter’s dad,  Michael’s mum,  Andy’s mum -Judy Murray to the wonderful Mr and Mrs Hoy – who will forget Mrs Hoy hiding her eyes in case Chris didn’t win!  and her joy when she was told he did.

11.  Usain Bolt – what a runner, what a character!

12.  Mo Farah – I almost don’t know what to say about him.  His face as he crossed the line (both times) was a joy to behold.  His words – anything is possible – It’s just hard graft and grafting.   Seconded, Mo.

13.  Wow, Jessica Ennis.  Incredible.

14.  Gemma Gibbons looking upwards and mouthing ‘I love you mum’

15.  Tom Daley – seriously.  He is just 18.  I was fit to burst  watching him – felt immense pride and also  scared something might go wrong.  It didn’t.   His joy was a pleasure to behold.

16.  The crowds – so supportive and when they sang our national anthem – wow.  Goosebumps time.   I’d have loved to be there.

17.  The BBC.  I loved their commentary – Hazel Irvine, Gary Lineker, Gaby Logan and the amazing duo and my favourites – Clare Balding and Mark Forster.

18.  Anything cycling.  Loved every moment of it.  Including the fun of seeing spectators sporting Wiggins sideburns.

My top three   are (and I simply could not grade them – I thought about it.  You know Olympics so why not have a gold, silver and bronze but I just cannot. I thought and thought and they really are my top three EQUAL!)

Sir Chris Hoy – how proud am I to be an Edinburgher like you.  Awesome, humble, a real nice guy and boy can you cycle?

Andy Murray – I am a Murray by birth and McNicoll by marriage and super proud of my Murray-ness these past few weeks.  To see his rare and all the more beautiful for it, smile as he won gold.

I was hoarse screaming at the tv cheering on all our athletes but even more with these two!  I tweeted and facebooked like crazy.

The Olympics couldn’t have done so well without a group of people called the Gamesmakers – volunteers.  Thousands and thousands of them.  I have been saying for years how wonderful it is to volunteer – whatever it’s for doesn’t really matter – just go donate some time.  It is good 2 give….time.



‘Inspire a Generation’ – works for me…..