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Young Ambassador Blair – an entrepreneur in the making

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2018 is the Year of the Young People.  I am very proud of all my Young Ambassadors

Blair has been a Young Ambassador for a year now and is a force to be reckoned with!  His enthusiasm for It’s Good 2 Give shines through all he does.  His fundraising idea is a cracking one.

Blair has had water bottles printed with our logo on them and he is selling them for only £4 per bottle or £7 for two.

He can post them out to you (post and packing at cost) and he deserves to sell out!

Will you help him do that?

Bottles can be bought by contacting us and we will pass your orders along to him!  (Did I say he was only 9?)


Art at our Ripple Retreat part 1

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We have some lovely art at our Ripple Retreat – all of it has a reason to be here –

over the coming months I shall share with you what we have.

Starting with a very important piece of art – our collaboration with Edinburgh artist, Wendy Helliwell.

Wendy took a group of our Young Ambassadors and gave them a challenge – they were to collect favourite things and make a picture out of them and include a letter that meant something to them.

She held a workshop at her house last summer and worked with the YA’s on their pictures.  After she had all their pictures in, she took some favourite items of mine and worked them into the main picture ( a Edinburgh Military Tattoo ticket,my business card and the Zoe shooting star) – It was so good to see the final picture and to be honest it was a suprise how she had worked her magic on the YA’s pictures. They had all been so different I wasn’t sure how she was going to bring them all together but for sure she has. Wendy has magic and the picture is stunning. Every single guest and visitor has asked about it and been wow’ed by it.

Thank you Wendy for all your help and well done to our Young Ambassadors too.  What a special gift for our Ripple Retreat.

New Event! Afternoon Tea at the Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh

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What?    An afternoon tea event  organised by some of our Young Ambassadors

When?  Sunday 5 November 2-4pm with a pop up shopping area from 1-2pm – an ideal opportunity to start your Christmas shopping

Where? The Roxburghe Hotel, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh

Why?   We love organising events for our supporters and it is a wonderful way to raise funds for our small charity- although events are a huge amount of work, we love doing them and it is very important to us that our guests love attending!  The funds raised from today’s event will go to supporting our Ripple Retreat near Callander – a retreat for young cancer patients and their families where they can spend a few days away together in luxurious and relaxing surroundings.  Some of the funds raised will also go towards providing a defibrillator for the Callander area – our Young Ambassadors attend regular workshops and one of these workshops was an introduction to first aid.  At that workshop they learnt about the importance of defibrillators in saving lives and we all agreed it would be nice to provide a defibrillator to the area our Retreat is situated in.  The final decision on location will be left to  St John’s Scotland who we are dealing with.

How much?  £25 per person and that includes a glass of something sparkling!  (10% discount for booking a table of 10)

How do you get tickets?  Please go to our event brite page and you can book your spaces there.

Any queries – please contact Shonagh Byrne on

Blue Monday and Ten Mile Tuesday

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Busy couple of days.

Here goes –

more furniture arrived for the It’s Good 2 Give Ripple Retreat – yesterday it was an egg chair.  Good timing as it arrived on what is known as Blue Monday – and it is blue!










The only thing was the box it came in was huge and needed sawn up as did the pallet it sat on!










I was given 6 pieces of art by Scottish artist Serena Hale – stunning pics – some of which will go in our Ripple Retreat and some will be auctioned for our Ripple Retreat.

Called and wrote re lottery license.  Again.

Paid deposit on some lanyards we are ordering and agreed design.

Worked with Shonagh for a few hours planning upcoming events, working on our Young Ambassadors Programme, discussing survey designs, newsletter content and at least a dozen other tasks.  I must say too that the lovely GM of the BW Bruntsfield Hotel looked after us awfully well and we are most grateful to her for that.  There is a wee pic of me and Susie Farley(the GM) below.

Shonagh and I also met with Paul  and Richard from Xeretec who are now, very kindly, one of our corporate sponsors.  Thanks, guys – very much appreciated and nice to chat with you.

Ridiculous though it sounds – I also got a delivery today of xmas trees.  Quite where I am going to store them I do not know but I shall find a space in our secure storage.

Alice, who helps with admin, said she has worked for a lot of people but has rarely seen such variety in workload and that there are a lot of plates I am keeping spinning in the air.  Actually I love the variety – which is just as well!  From today’s networking to cleaning up the polystyrene that came with the chairs, from being on interviewing panels to  ironing volunteer tops, we cover it all!

Tonight I joined Trustee Kae’s new group – Ten Mile Tuesdays – though I was just doing 2 miles – I aspire to being able to do 10!  Maybe by end of the year. I am happy to report I actually managed three miles.  Probably the furthest I have walked since before my diagnosis


Dolly Mixture day!

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What a dolly mixture kind of day!

I am not quite all work and no play – though it sometimes seems to my nearest and dearest that is the case!   We manage a 45 minute swim several times a week and love it especially if we get the pool to ourselves.

Anyway, today included said swim and it was lovely.

We worked on our Ripple Retreat filing and I had some calls to make regarding furniture we have ordered for the family room – I ordered a coffee table last week, paid for it right away, then the next day I get an email from the company saying payment is incomplete.  I check the bank, nope it has been paid and try to call them but they are closed for the holidays.  So I had to sort it out today – turns out it was an automated reply I got and they were sorry. Grrrrr.

Some of our regular supporters rallied round the other day when I mentioned wanting to get white china from M&S (to match china donated last year) and so I have also been trying to get a wee discount to get best value.

Taking the car up the motorway every week to the Retreat meant it was filthy so as the sun was shining today we got it washed ready for the New Year and while I helped a bit with that I was in the garage fixing our storage boxes ready to take to the secure storage unit that Broughton Removals have kindly given to us. (we have had many donations over the christmas period for the Ripple Retreat)

What else today?


Oh yes, I met up with a new supporter Hailey – she is going to become a new Ambassador and speak at events for us – we will be so busy this year we need all the help we can get!

I did a wee bit work on my Young Ambassadors Programme today too – I love it so much and want to improve it year on year.  I have lots of ideas on my list for the YA’s. They are growing in confidence and need stretched more.

Ian Pirrie of Edinburgh School of Food and Wine has made an offer I cannot refuse – it means organising another event but I need the money and love organising events so of course I said yes.   So, I started work on that – I need to get 6 celebrities to come on board.

I do these blog posts late evening but I don’t mind admitting that I get so frustrated trying to load photos.  Error messages ping at me constantly.  The sooner we get the website sorted the better.

I will never make a professional blogger but really want to just give you the flavour of what it’s like to run this wee charity and prepare for the last few months of building our Ripple Retreat.

Blog updates – Edinburgh Running Network

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I have neglected you and I am sorry!

Past few months have been incredible – productive and busy and filled with wonderful supporters, and donors.

Over the next few blog posts I hope I can bring you up to date!

I am not going to do it in any order – just share as many of our good news stories as I can.

First up then is this – at the end of August the Edinburgh Running Network organised their annual fundraiser – the LP Run  – I love the concept – way back in the day (not THAT long ago, but it sometimes feels it)music came on LP records.  They played for 33 and a third minutes – I have no idea why, they just did.  So the LP run is to run for 33 and a third minutes and see how far you can run.

The event was held at Meadowbank Stadium on a sunny Sunday morning.  It was fascinating to watch – each time the runners did a lap they collected a band from the volunteers and when the hooter went signalling end of time they had to stop in their tracks and each person had to have their distance worked out!

Our role was simpler – we served teas and coffees – funnily enough it was a tough job as we used up all the hot water quite quickly and had a queue of thirsty runners waiting on it to boil.  You know what they say – a watched kettle never boils!  Fortunately the runners and supporters were distracted by an array of cakes on offer – there was a cake competition and once the judging had taken place the runners could tuck in.  They had certainly deserved it. Fellow Trustee Susan and I were helped that day by two of our Young Ambassadors Lucy and Skye.

The afternoon ended with the awards ceremony and the drawing of the raffle.

Last month the organiser Eleanor presented me with a cheque for £674 which was rather splendid.

Huge thanks to all who donated – we all very much appreciate it.



Young Ambassadors Lucy and Skye helping at event


Childrens/Family Portrait session

Cheque presentation

Easter egg decorating

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One of our Young Ambassadors, Ailsa Macgregor, did us proud by organising her first workshop for us – all her own idea she decided to do an Easter Egg decorating.  With extras.  Lots of them.   Like Easter biscuit decorating too (and she had made the biscuits).  Posters to colour in.  Easter chicks to make.  And a little treasure hunt too.

Feedback has been terrific – best workshop ever.   Well done, Ailsa and here’s to the next workshop you organise!

Ailsa is a shining example of a young ambassador for our charity and many other local charities too – she gives of her time, ideas and skills so freely and loves it too.  Exactly what we want to promote and encourage – people of all ages to go out and give.  To whatever charity rocks their boat.   To give their time however little spare time they have or their ideas or skills.  Try it.  It feels good, I promise you.  So does Ailsa!

And, as ever, our special thanks to Edinburgh Airport HIlton Hotel for looking after us so well.


Young Ambassadors

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Introducing to you our first 3 young Ambassadors – helping to raise awareness of the work of our charity, and representing us at their place of learning.

From left to right

Hannah McPherson is at the Royal High School and has been a staunch supporter of Lynne’s for many years – she is a superb organiser, brilliant at admin and public speaking.

Ruth Marshall is the newest member of the G2G team – she came to us to do her work experience and loved us so much she decided to stay.  Ruth is at Jewel and Esk Valley College studying Event Management.

Kirsty Newlands is a student at Telford College and has been an It’s Good 2 Give supporter right from the start.  Creative, funny and quite bossy she is a welcome addition to the team!

I personally am delighted to have these young people supporting our work – it is just what I hoped for – that people of all ages would give of their time, ideas and skills to help us raise money.  I know they will do us proud and very much look forward to working with them