Ripple Retreat photo taken by our Ripple Retreat architect Tony Kettle

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Here is a fantastic short video of our Official Opening on 12 May 2017

Criteria for Staying at the Retreat

Ripple Retreat – who can stay?

It’s Good 2 Give Board of Trustees agreed the criteria for staying at the Ripple Retreat

Any young cancer patient* and their family, based in Scotland, who is currently in treatment or up to a maximum of 1 year after active treatment
Bereaved families of young cancer patients, based in Scotland, within the first year after their loss
*Child/young person aged 0-18

The Retreat can accommodate a maximum of five people.

No pets or smoking allowed in the house or grounds.

The Retreat is in a remote location – 3 miles from the nearest town (Callander) along a single track road. It is therefore essential that families who stay have their own transport for the entire stay.

Stays are for a maximum of five nights and there is no cost to the family to stay.

If you would like to know more about applying for a stay or have questions then do get in touch.

and the album of photos taken by Gareth Easton on the day can be found here. (many are below too)

A wee bit of history –

A day It’s Good 2 Give will always remember – 26 May 2014


Because it is the day we got our planning consent for the Ripple Retreat!  It’s a lovely story worth reading – click here to read the full story

Before you read any further let me show you a video taken by Tony Kettle, our architect and friend, who got a drone last week and used it for first time on Sunday!   He got very lucky with the weather and the result is this stunning film footage!
Thanks Tony – we love it and believe so will everyone who watches it.