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Egged on by one of our young supporters I started the process of learning another new skill at the weekend!    Knitting – who’d have thought it.  No one that knows me, that’s for sure.

I had first seen Knitting for all at Craigie’s Farm open weekend and asked Kerry if she would do a workshop for our young cancer patients, siblings and parents.  She was delighted to do it and our first day of six was on saturday.  We made, yes made our own knitting needles and the felt decoration on the end of the needle.  I tell you there was no need for the gym  – our arms got a right workout sanding the needles down.  I had no idea that you made felt with wool and washing up liquid…..

So, as some of our other participants are a wee bit shy, it is my small piece of knitting that I display to you now.  Proudly.  I reckon I can make a scarf for me to wear when doing the Kilimanjaro trek – maybe even one for every participant!! (Oh, might that put them off?)

Next day, at our Kiss the Fish craft workshop our participants made a real variety of things – 4 year old Victoria made a very beautiful painted t shirt and gym bag and loved every minute of it.  She told all of us she loved us!   Iona decopatched a giraffe and her sister Lauren made a beautiful photo frame.  Ellie, who is a bit camera shy, made a very elegant mask and will wear it at our fashion show in November while her cousin Tracey decopatched a hippo.  Rhona, who owns Kiss the Fish, looks after us so well and I thoroughly recommend organising a children’s event or party there – much fun had by all!


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