Introducing our new Young Ambassadors Club

Right from the moment we set up It’s Good 2 Give we wanted to encourage giving –

  • of time,
  • skills,
  • ideas
  • as well as money.

We have had Young Ambassadors for over 3 years – now we are taking this to a new level.  We want to give them experiences and training and peer support.  All with an aim to have young people representing It’s Good 2 Give and showing them how volunteering can be fun and very good for you!  We’d love to see some of our  Young Ambassadors become Young Trustees of our or another charity in the future.

What we will give them?

Learn event organising, public speaking, retail, customer service, communication, negotiation
the really young ones will help at events, and with artwork and with physical challenges – eg designing christmas cards, posters,  leading a team in the Kiltwalk, or cycling in Pedal for Scotland

Older YA’s will be encouraged to mentor the younger ones and will be paired up with them at events.

Each Young Ambassador must commit to 2 hours each month for training and more in the run up to events.

They will also help at It’s Good 2 Give events.

The Young Ambassadors will be able to count the hours volunteered with us as part of other initiatives like Jass, Duke of Edinburgh, Saltire award though, of course, the focus is on supporting the work of It’s Good 2 Give

This will be a very exclusive Club – we are a small charity and want to do our Young Ambassadors proud so will take a maximum of 20 Young Ambassadors ranging in age from 5 (we already have Alfie Byrne as our Youngest Ambassador and he is a great help to us) to 20.

We already have enough applications for our first intake of  Young Ambassadors who will be with us until end 2017.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) recently published this article and I think it is great news for our Young Ambassadors that employers are picking up on the fact that volunteering is excellent experience.